Q is for …


Not only is it Tuxie-Tuesday-on-Thursday but it’s also Thankful Thursday and it’s an appropriate day for “Q”! The two pets I have to share today are both heroes and their humans are thankful for them! There’s a very small Quaker parrot named Willie and a very large Quarter horse named Stormy!

0420 willieWillie, a small lime-green Quaker parrot loves to talk. He calls his human, Meagan “mama” all the time. One afternoon Meagan was babysitting a friend’s two-year-old daughter, Hannah, and while they played and watched TV Willie was in his cage chattering away like normal. Meagan got up to run to the bathroom and left Hannah, happily munching on a Pop-Tart. As soon as Meagan left the room, Willie started screaming and going crazy in his cage. He was flapping his wings and screaming “Mama baby!” over and over as loud as he could. Meagan ran back in the room and saw Hannah on the floor choking and turning blue. She immediately went to the little girl and performed the Heimlich maneuver which dislodged the Pop-Tart. Hannah started breathing again and her color returned. Both Meagan and Hannah’s mom credit Willie for saving the toddler’s life. She said he added the word ‘baby’ to ‘Mama’ on his own and that’s what really got her attention.

0420 willie b

representative image

Two wings up for Willie!!! And human kids? You can’t leave them alone like mother cats do; our mom’s leave us alone even while nursing so they can get a break and replenish their tummy’s!

0420 stormySiblings Emma (9-years-old) and Liam (7-years-old) were out one afternoon exploring the woods near their home in Louisiana. Emma was riding her Quarter horse, Stormy, while Liam was on the ground walking ahead on the trail. Stormy became skittish and difficult to control and Emma didn’t know why. All of a sudden, a wild pig came crashing through the undergrowth, stopping barely 6 feet from Liam. The boar was really big with brown bristles and sharp tusks. He was making aggressive clicking noises and making ready to charge at Liam. Meagan yelled at her brother to run but he was frozen in fear. Stormy took charge of the situation. She trotted around and put herself between Liam and the boar and nudged him back toward home. She then moved so her rear end was in front of the boar. With one swift kick, she struck the boar right in the snout. The wild pig squealed in pain and ran away as the kids and Stormy ran in the other direction toward home. Liam and Meagan’s mom said “Stormy took care of those kids and we will be forever grateful.”

0420 stormy b

representative image

Instead of ride’em, cowboy!! It’s punch’em, Stormy! To tell you the truth I wouldn’t want to get near any horses’ hooves – even on a good day!!!


queen catI hope you enjoyed “Q”. And thank you, Toby, for letting me represent today!!! It’s time to make my Queenly quitting of this blog. Hoping for a quiet evening, BobbieSue



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