fRiday fill-ins and R is foR…


Finally Friday – as my mom likes to announce to the world!! It’s also “R” day! Today I will be telling you about a famous Rhinoceros and a mare named Reckless!

Cacareco, a black African Rhinoceros living in a Sao Paulo, Brazil zoo was surprisingly elected to the city council in 1959. The people of the city were fed up with food shortages, the high cost of living, unpaved streets and open sewers. So, in protest more than 100,000 people wrote Cacareco’s name on the ballot and amazingly, she received more votes than anyone else. The closest human runner-up received only 10,079 votes!!

Here’s a fun fact: from 1963-1993 the Rhinoceros Party of Canada was active in politics. I’m not sure what good (if any) they did but I like this quote I found on Wikipedia: It [the Party] declared that the rhinoceros was an appropriate symbol for a political party since politicians, by nature, are “thick-skinned, slow-moving, dim-witted, can move fast as hell when in danger, and have large, hairy horns growing out of the middle of their faces.”

(Evan Kayne (January 12, 2006). “Federal election in dire need of laughs”. FFWD Weekly.)

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Also back in the 50’s, during the Korean War a US Marine Corp officer purchased a former racehorse, little mare named Reckless (1949-1968), to help carry supplies for them. Soon she became part of the troop and was trained to carry guns and wounded soldiers. In 1953 there was a terrible battle and the Marines were trapped on a mountainside. Reckless worked all day carrying guns and bullets up the mountain and wounded or dead soldiers down the mountain—all by herself. Up and down she went, all day, some 51 times. With thousands of bullets and shells flying and bombs exploding all around her, she was only slightly wounded twice and never gave up. After the war, Reckless retired to a life of luxury at Camp Pendleton and was given the rank of Sergeant. In 2016 she was posthumously awarded the Dicken Medal, Great Britain’s highest award of valor for animals. 

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That Reckless was pretty amazing!


Now on to Friday Fill-ins!!

As always, Mom answers in Pink and my answers are in Orange!

1. The most interesting museum I have been to is the Hirshorn, part of the Smithsonian in D.C. I was there about 10 years ago. The reason its the most interesting is because of the sculpture garden& the Calder exhibitions – but really its because of the dude pictured here. He is so real looking – if he wasn’t 6 feet taller than me sitting down, he looks like he’s going to get up and walk away. The dude is sitting there naked and – according to my sister (I think) – anatomically correct. I was too embarrassed to look. He’s a part of their permanent collection, so if you’re headed that way – take a peek and let me know!!!014
2. The most interesting historical place I have been to is the “Cottages” of  Newport, Rhode Island. Gorgeous homes for zillionaires.cliffwalk
3. Warm weather is back! That means outside time for me!!!0215b

4. I was surprised when mom first brought LadyBird home; then she let PeggySue and MerryBelle in the house; then Mabel and Matilda! And she told me my giant cousin Buddy will be staying with us in July while Granmama goes out of town. Mom is so surprising! I wonder what else she has up her sleeve!!0421


ellen_cat_badge_2-1 Thanks Miss Ellen and McGuffy for hosting!

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