No, I won’t face the camera

Hello friends,

Have you ever had a camera pointed in your face and you just didn’t feel like it? Well, I have. 0530The other day I was sitting in mom’s room thinking about something sad and mom said, “Toby, look at the camera. Toby. Toby. Kitty, kitty.” She kept saying it in a sing-song voice as if that would move me. It didn’t. 0530aI was sad (and still am) and I wasn’t going to let her have her way.0530b Why was I sad, you ask? My sweetheart, Penny, lost her sister Snowball and while I didn’t know Snowball personally, my heart hurts for Penny and Miss Ellen. I am sad for them and all the other kitties at

I’m sure Lucy, Spooky and Stinky all greeted Snowball at the Bridge and she is healthy and running free again, but that doesn’t make it any less painful for the ones left behind. We here at Toby’s Wrecking Crew pray for Miss Ellen and her kitties that their grief will be eased by love and comfort of God.


Friday Fill-ins!!

Greetings friends and family!! Its Friday and a three-day weekend – that means more time with MOM!!!0526a

Mom and I are going to do Friday fill-in’s  – mom’s answers are in pink and mine are in orange!!

1. My idea of roughing it is going without canned food – when mom forgets to go by the store and we only have dry. hungry-cat-icon-83655 (1)Roughing it for me is a hotel with room service. I hate camping – I did it as a child and a couple times as a young adult so I can hate with experience!

2.I never get sick of talking about MYSELF, of course!!! 0328eI never get sick of talking about my furbabies and books.

3. My youth was the best!! I had lots of fun with my littermates and then when I moved in with mom, she was (and is) the bestest mom ever!!! 040My youth is better left forgotten.

4. My “golden years” are a few years away … but you could say they are right now since I have golden fur – every year is a golden year for me. 0526cI’ve only recently started thinking about my “golden years” – since retirement is about 7 years away – I hope. when I’m on a stay-cation I pretend that I’m retired!!!
I probably won’t see you until Monday – so I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!
Thank you Miss Ellen and Miss McGuffy for hosting the Friday fill-ins! Click on their names to read more answers!!

M&M have a new home!

One of the things I did while no blogging was give Mabel and Matilda a new home!!066

Mom picked it up a while ago but didn’t feel like helping me move the bird-girls until last week. It’s a smashing new home, don’t you think!! Lot’s of perches and toys from PetSmart and lots of room to fly in. It’s so big, mom is thinking about bringing another bird-girl home from Granmama’s! I’ve already picked out a name!!! I hope so!!!

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the old and new cages. The new cage takes up the whole top of the book shelf! The downside is there’s no room for me to sit right next to them!

Don’t worry, I was very gentle when I moved the girls over – no fangs!!!067

They survived the move well – and guess what – can you see – that’s Mabel in the back (higher on the perch) – she has tail feathers!!!! She’s only recently grown them so I’m hoping she’ll be able to fly soon!

Now, as for me, I’m off for another nap!!! See you soon! Love, Toby069

We’re Back!!!!

Hello, Friends!! The Wrecking Crew and I (Toby – in case you forgot!) are back!! 0503

Two weeks off did a world of good for mom and the rest of us. She took a week off from work and spent most of it with us!! I, of course, was the most in helping her to feel better!super cat

She unplugged completely – no blogging, no surfing, no emails (which is why she has over 600 unread emails!) no on-line or on-phone games.

Just books, napping, collaging, napping, dvd’s, napping, napping and napping!

I particularly loved the naps!!

We’re not coming back to our old schedule of posting every day – but we’ll be here often!!!

Thank you for being faithful to us even if we are neglectful in visiting our friend’s blogs. We love you all and will see you again soon!!  

love you pennyP.S. … I still love you, Penny!!!

Taking a break…

Hello friends…

Mom and I are going to take a break from blogging until sometime next week. She is super duper tired and a well deserved vacation is coming up in one week (it starts Mom’s Day weekend). She’s so rundown she hasn’t taken any new photos of me in over TWO weeks! The horror of it all! She’s scheduled some posts for the photo blog and for our book review blog but she’s going to put a “We’ll be back post” on the others.0313a


So… We’ll be back in a few days! Gonna spend some time sleepin’ and thinkin’ about nuthin’ so we can recharge mom’s batteries. We love you all and thank you for being patient with us!! See you soon!!!0306d


Mom and I do want to say how much we will miss Flynn of TwoDevonCats. Rest well, my ginger brother.FLYNN-Forever