Back to Normal…

Or, whatever passes for normal around our house!!!

0501eThank you for checking out our A to Z posts! I had a great time researching them and writing about them! It’s always a lot of work but totally worth it!! This is supposed to be my reflections post about the Challenge – but I don’t think I’d change anything! I always like the challenge of finding something to write about using the tough letters (J, K, Q, X, Y, Z) and this year was no exception. I didn’t find anything for ‘Y’ until a week before I posted it! Whew! Talk about a close call!! Thanks to the Sue’s and to Jack for helping me host – it gave me a little breather! Mom and I are already thinking about next year – I know, crazy, right? But it pays to think ahead. Last year we started thinking about it right away but didn’t finalize our topic until the fall!!! (She’s a slow thinker.)

Anyway, here’s a couple of photos of Simon & me, enjoying an Easter morning treat!0501

That’s right – It’s BACON – mom made quiche for her Easter brunch and cooked us the bacon she wasn’t using. 0501b

It was really yummy!!!0501c And later on, I shared a piece of quiche with her! It didn’t have onions so I could have some. It was as yummy as the bacon!

PeggySue will be here tomorrow for Tuxie Tuesday! And now that the challenges are over mom and I can get back to visiting all our friends which we have fallen seriously behind over the last month. Thank you for visiting us even though we’ve neglected your posts. We love you all and appreciate you so much!!

Love, Toby (and Momma Sabina)

001 Be Sure to check out our A to Z 2017 Page for links to all the posts (in case you missed any) as well as our bibliography. We read some great books and hope you will take a look at some of them!!

6 thoughts on “Back to Normal…

  1. That’s a whole lot of challenges that you did. You must be very smart cuz we’d never think of anything!!! Nummy, that bacon sure looks good. I’ve never had any – I have such a mean mom!!! (glares at M).

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