We’re Back!!!!

Hello, Friends!! The Wrecking Crew and I (Toby – in case you forgot!) are back!! 0503

Two weeks off did a world of good for mom and the rest of us. She took a week off from work and spent most of it with us!! I, of course, was the most in helping her to feel better!super cat

She unplugged completely – no blogging, no surfing, no emails (which is why she has over 600 unread emails!) no on-line or on-phone games.

Just books, napping, collaging, napping, dvd’s, napping, napping and napping!

I particularly loved the naps!!

We’re not coming back to our old schedule of posting every day – but we’ll be here often!!!

Thank you for being faithful to us even if we are neglectful in visiting our friend’s blogs. We love you all and will see you again soon!!  

love you pennyP.S. … I still love you, Penny!!!