Yippee! It’s Friday!!

0623 a

Hello kitties, doggies and humans!!

I got to go outside on Tuesday!!! Our landlord is selling the duplex where we live so we’ve had to suffer through strangers walking through the house. Everybody else hides but I usually show the potential buyers around the house because mom isn’t home. Mom says she appreciates how I greet them at the door and then says good-bye to them as well. I like the company!!! Anyway, mom was home relaxing when a realtor turned up unexpectedly so, rather than stay inside while the folks looked around, we went outside. It was so nice!!! but I hadn’t had supper yet so I didn’t want to stay outside too long because my tummy was talking!  

Enough of all that; here’s our fill in’s for the week. Mom’s answers are in purple this week and mine are in red (I thought we’d switch up from the usual pink and orange!!!). Enjoy!

1. A recurring dream I have is falling in space – when I was a kitten my foster mom had kept my family in a box on a shelf in her closet (she had BIG DOGS!) and I kept wanting to explore so over the side I would go. After about the 5th time she found me on the floor crawling around she finally moved the box to floor level. It was that, she said, or fit me with a football helmet!! falling cat During times of stress I dream I’m traveling down a never ending road, usually up a mountain where I never reach the top.

2. Turn kitty kibble into delicious cat treats!! Catnip Brownies - Cool!Turn war and hatred into peace and love is my hope and prayer.

3. PeggySue is driving me crazy! All she wants to do is play!!! 0623bMy job is driving me crazy. If it weren’t for the great benefits (which make up for the poor pay) I would have moved on years ago.

4. Lately, I have been thinking I want to spend more time with my grandmama. 0623cLately I’ve been thinking about retiring in about 10 years. 


Thank you Miss Ellen and Miss McGuffy for hosting this Fun Friday Fill-in!!! And thank YOU for stopping by!! We’ll see you soon!!!

Love, Toby and the Wrecking Crew


PS…this is for my lady love, Penny.  Who loves ya, babe?falling in love


11 thoughts on “Yippee! It’s Friday!!

  1. Love your sweet card for Penny. We also think that’s a great photo of you, Toby, in the yard. Are ya’ll going to have to move when the duplex is sold? Toby, that was a silly place for the foster mom to keep kittens. Glad you didn’t get a concussion before she took you off that shelf. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

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  2. Penny sends her love and thanks. XO And I thank you both for your great fill-in answers. It sounds like you were the most adventurous kitten Toby. Your Grandma looks very happy, I can see why you want to spend time with her. I enjoyed both your answers for #2.
    That must be stressful knowing your home is for sale. Are you going to have to move? XO


  3. You are a brave cat, Toby. You could give some courage lessons to my Teddy. I have had him almost six years and have friends who have never seen him. If there’s a knock on the door he gets under the quilt on my bed and doesn’t come out until the visitors are gone. Some people think Teddy is my imaginary cat.


  4. Good answers. Sorry, I am late; still not feeling well. I would be frustrated with realtors coming in without notice! It would upset the cats, for sure. Chloe Jo & Maggie are greeters, though. #2 is excellent! Hugs, guys.


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