My New Friend

Hey friends and family!! I hope you had a nice, relaxing weekend! Mom and I did. I’ve got a new friend to share with you. Her name is Lilianna and she is so pretty!

0626cWhen mom and I were outside I was relaxing in the shade and I saw Lilianna! I was so happy to see her!


0626aHere we are exploring my tree.  The picture mom didn’t take was one of her walking me over to the tree! That hand on the left is Lili’s mom telling her to get away from the bugs; but I told her they were okay to look at – just don’t eat them!!


0626b And here’s Lili trying to climb the tree! I stood behind her in case she stumbled backwards. But her mom grabbed her before she got into too much trouble. I spent another half hour looking after and playing with my sweet little friend. I can’t wait till she can say my name. Right now I’m “keke.”


0626dWhew!!! Looking after a little one is exhausting. I need to lay down a while before I can walk back to the house!!! Next time I see Lilianna I’ll make sure mom takes more pictures!

PeggySue will be here tomorrow for Tuxie Tuesday and I probably won’t be back until Friday. So until then, “Who loves ya, babe?”



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