I can balance!!

It’s Tuxie Tuesday ehfurrybody!!! Mom recently took some photos of my supreme balancing skills and I just had to show you!

0627aHere I am balancing on the bed post. You might think its uncomfortable but it’s really not. I like to pretend I’m a gargoyle when I’m up there.



0627b¬†And here I am balancing on my toes – you can’t see them because mom didn’t center me right. But you get the idea. You can also see how tall I am and how I arch my tail for added leverage.


0627cSo, what do you think? Pretty good, huh?! Maybe I should join a circus!!!


I’ll try to get BobbieSue to do a post next Tuesday – just so you won’t think she ran away from home!! Until next Tuesday, have a happy week!!