Friendly Fill-In Time!!!

Is everybody ready for the weekend?? I know I am because it means more cuddle time with mom!!!

We’re doing the Fill-in’s this week sponsored by Miss Ellen and Miss Annie! Here are the questions. My answers are in orange and mom’s are in green

1. My favorite line from a film is not a line – but an action – the one where in the Secret Life of Pets, Chloe takes a look at the food her human put down for her and in one swipe she sweeps it away across the room! Mom says that’s just like me!

 My favorite line from a film is 112564-harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallows-quotes 

2. Other than blogs, a website I visit often is does Miss Ellen‘s blog qualify? Even though I don’t comment all the time I do visit every day. I have to keep an eye on my Sweet Penny! toby aviation dayThe website I visit most often is the Virginia Beach Public Library site. I visit at least once a day, sometimes more!!

3. When I feel down, I have a snack and then take a nap in the sun!!image When I feel down, I cuddle Toby and take a nap!0219a

4. If I could fly, I would visit Sweet Penny everyday and be back home in time for supper!!cat-flying-plane-illustration-66807454

 If I could predict the powerball numbers, I would play, win, and pay off my debts and my mom’s and sister’s debts and retire immediately!lottery-winners


FFBadge Click on Miss Ellen’s or Miss Annie’s name above to see more Fill-in responses!!


Before we say ‘See ya later’, we want to acknowledge three new angels that have flown to the Rainbow Bridge. Please click on the badges to visit the family:


Marg’s Animals


Cosmo Capers


Friends FurEver

We pray their families may find comfort and peace in each other and in their memories of these angel kitties.dovea


So, now we say, see ya later, alligator!giphy



7 thoughts on “Friendly Fill-In Time!!!

  1. It’s fun reading both your Fill Ins. You thought of things I couldn’t. But that’s what makes Friday fun. We hope you have a good weekend too.
    We know what you mean about not commenting. Sometimes we’re tired and our mind is a blank.


  2. Thank you Toby and your Mom too for these great fill-in answers. I am glad you read our blog daily, we read yours too-Penny likes to know what you are doing too.She would love to go flying with you. Furbabies are better than therapy to make you feel better, but I think they cost more 🙂 I hope you win the lottery. Nice tribute to all our friends that have left us recently, it is so sad. XO

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aww so many hurting hearts these days. I am sorry to hear of all of these losses. 😦

    Being able to predict those numbers would be awesome! It would be great if we all could, but take turns on the winning so that everyone could get a good chunk of money. 🙂

    Have a blessed weekend.


  4. We used to work in several stores that that sold Powerball. It is amazing how much people will spend on them. When done within a budget, it is a form of entertainment. We have met a lot of poor people who have a system. Have a great week…


  5. Cute answers. I had to laugh at Toby & Penny in the plane! Oh, yikes!
    My Chloe Jo loves that she gets special canned food, now. It is vet prescribed, with things that she cannot get from her dry, which is still her main course. The things we do for love. I would do anything for her, though.


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