Buddy comes to visit

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting – mom’s schedule is messed up because she has to run home right after work to let him out – he’s not litter box trained! Then, when she gets home, walks him and feeds us cats, she doesn’t want to go back outside to the library!!! Oh, well! He’ll be home soon enough!0725e

This is what BobbieSue did when Buddy first came home – he really freaked her out and she headed for the hills!!0724 a0724 c

And this is what PeggySue did – she did stand up to him and hissed and spit at him. Poor Buddy; he’s a 120 pound dog intimidated by an 8 pound cat!!! Those claws are sharp!0724 b

I didn’t even see MerryBelle for two days; Simon and I ignored him for the most part. Buddy and I did get to go outside together and mom is promising me Saturday morning outside with ¬†– I can’t wait!!!0724f0724d0724e


That’s all for today!! I probably won’t post again until next week – I’ve got packing to supervise, moving some furniture, reminding mom to pick up Granmama from her trip and take Buddy home! ¬†Have a great weekend, e-furry-body!!!!0725c