Sort of Sunday Selfies

We have two selfies today for you. The first is of the 3Ms!!!0806 3 msFrom the top, Matilda, Mable and Maybelline. They really hate it when mom cleans their cage. They squawk really loud and give mom the evil eye!

This one is an old photo of Simon!!0806 simon selfie sort ofIt’s from Christmas, 2001 and when he lived with my Auntie. So we now know he’s at least 16 years old – but probably was born in 2000. Since he was born a stray, we’ll never truly know. We’re just glad he’s still with us!! Mom found this picture when I was helping her pack the other day and I wanted to share it with all of you!!

0313a It’s time to say, Happy Sunday everyone! We’ll be back sometime next week. (I can’t wait until this crazy move is over so we can get back to normal [whatever that is!].)  Love and pawpats, Toby and the Moving & Wrecking Crew!!



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