We are going on hiatus…

basket toby 3¬†Hello friends… The Crew and I wanted to let you know we’re going on a bit of a hiatus. Mom finally has to admit the moving insanity is beginning to ramp up and she really needs to focus on that.falling cat The Big move is in 2 weeks! She’ll be taking a week off so I’m sure we’ll be able to post then; but alas, we have to say “We’ll see you in September!” ¬†messyShe’s going to schedule some posts on her other blogs but I don’t want her to do it on mine. I prefer to be up-to-the-minute!!! (And, there may always be a spontaneous post via her phone!) So, here are a few photos to remember us by!!!licking lips bobbiesueBobbieSue & PeggySue


peggysue aPeggySue


selfie dand me…we just want the move to be over!!!!!

See you in a couple of weeks!!!!

bubbling_hearts_500_wht_797Love Toby, Simon, BobbieSue, PeggySue, MerryBelle, Mable, Matilda, MayBelline and mom!!!