Vet visit update

So here’s what happened at the vets! (Sorry it took so long for the update. Mom’s rather lazy these days when it comes to blogging. Bad Mama!!)

vets 1 When we got in there there was a really loud dog and i tried to hide from him!

vets 2 Simon was very happy to get out of his carrier.


vets 3I tried to squeeze behind the fridge but the nurse caught me!!


vets 4 So the diagnosis is that I have diabetes. All other systems are functioning great but my blood sugar is all out of whack!!


vets 5On the other hand, Simon’s thyroid is out of whack! Thanks to Angel Phoebe (from 15 and Meowing), Simon has some meds to get started with! It’s been several days and already we can see a difference in his desperation to eat all the time. We’re hoping he’ll gain a pound or two!


vets 7I’m feeling yukky about being diabetic. I’m on diabetic food right now. Mom is waiting on the insulin I will probably be starting on soon because she wants to talk to my real doctor. The doctor we saw was competent but mom didn’t like her – she had zero bedside manner with us and mom (whatever that means) – so we’re going back in 4 weeks for bloodwork and we’ll see Dr. U then.


vets 6This means a lifestyle change for all of us, but I’m sure it will all work out fine!!


5 thoughts on “Vet visit update

  1. We’re sorry to hear you have diabetes and that Simon has hyper-T. But we know once you both get on the proper medicines, you both will do great. Sending you both lots of purrs.


  2. Sorry your test results weren’t great, but sounds like there are treatments for both of you so you will soon be feeling better. Purrayers and POTP.


  3. I am relieved that Simon just has a thyroid problem. I am sorry to hear that Toby has diabetes. I know you will take very good care of him and he will feel better. I will be praying for them both. XO


  4. I am sorry you both have health problems, but hopefully the right medication will get you back on track. I agree, it is never the same seeing a different vet, particularly a locum.


  5. Gosh we’re so sorry that you and Simon will be needing help with your medical conditions but know what? You both will be JUST FINE because your Mom and your doctors will make sure of that with the proper medicines. Seems we all get some problem or another in our lives (just like our humans do!). But together and with help we go on and on and on!!!! Sending you POTP and hugs.

    Love, Teddy


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