A to Z Theme Reveal!


0325e I haven’t been really regular with my posts these past few months.

0325dBlame it on moving, then trying to settled in a new house, then Jenga moved in, then Simon and I had multiple visits to the vets trying to get settled into our new twice-a-day med routine (pills for Simon, shots for me) and now PeggySue’s gone all Dr. Jekyll and Ms Hyde on us with a sudden and extreme change of personality – so she has a visit to the vet this week. So you can see we’ve had a lot going on.

0325cBut I still wanted to do an A to Z series of posts. Mom and I tossed around several different ideas, but considering she didn’t have time to check out a bunch of books for me to research, we went with something easy.

0325aWe picked book reviews the have already been posted on Library of Cats. The one thing that all these books have in common is they’re about CATS! Of course! What else would they be about. Some of them have been reviewed recently; others have been review 1 to 3 years ago. We hope you’ll enjoy them and forgive us for not having the cool subjects we have had in the past. There’s always next year!!! And thanks for hanging in there with us!!!


Love, Toby

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