Simon update

Good morning all!

We thank you for your prayers for Simon.

He’s decided to stick around a while longer! He’s no longer walking, but is slurping up his food and enjoying lots of love and attention. Mom and Granmama hand feed him several times a day, keep him dry with fresh bedding, and hold him when he gets fidgety.

PeggySue can be found sleeping near him a lot. We know he appreciates the company.

Now, for an update on PeggySue aka Dr. Jekyll and Ms Hyde.

Her visit to the vet revealed hormonal inbalances that are caused by a false pregnancy. She goes to the vet tonight for an early morning spay tomorrow. After that we are hoping she’ll return to her sweet self and BobbieSue can come out of hiding. (Thank you, Miss Ellen, for the ice cream cone toy. PeggySue and Simon share it.)

Thank you, again for your kind thoughts and prayers. I’ll be back tomorrow with a PeggySue post-op update!



6 thoughts on “Simon update

  1. I am glad Simon is still eating and getting lots of love. Joanie wishes she could cuddle with him. I didn’t realize PeggySue was not spayed, I will say a prayer that all goes well. XO


  2. Much love to Simon – and to Mom & Grandma for taking such good care of him. He looks bright-eyed in the photos !
    Purrs for Peggy Sue (and Bobbie sue) too !


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