Health update!!

Thought I’d give you an update on the health of my Crew. First, Simon’s thyroid is still out of whack: he has a med increase. The good news is that he gained 6 ounces! He does eat well and we found out what happened to his legs last week. Doc said it was probably his potassium was really low and that effects his legs. He’s on a potassium supplement now.

PeggySue is still doing great post-surgery and it looks like Ms Hyde may be gone!!

BobbieSue hopes Ms Hyde is gone because she’s starting to come out of hiding.

And me? Well I’m doing great also! I gained 1-1/2 pounds and my glucose is finally in the normal range!!

Oh and Mom is glad of all this because as much as she likes the vets we go to she would like to not have to go back for awhile!!

Enjoy this picture of me – taken at 4 this morning. Ignore my bed-fur-head! It’s from flea meds I got at the vet’s last night!!

Purrs and pawpats,


A to Z: ‘I’ – IF IT Fits I Sits


if it fits

If It Fits, I Sits
Cats in Awkward Places

Gallery Books, 2016

From the back of the book, “Anyone who knows cats knows how much they love squeezing themselves into weird, uncomfortable-looking, and unfortunate places. And they do it with such aplomb! Will we ever know why? Probably not. With more than one hundred photos of cats caught in the act, If It Fits, I Sits celebrates the quirky, adorable, no-nonsense spirit of felines everywhere.”

It’s amazing what we felines can get up to, isn’t it? We can get ourselves in the craziest places and in the oddest positions and still be comfortable. This book is full of photos of cats doing just that and some of them are really funny.

I will admit I was worried a little when I saw some of the photos of cats and kittens in outdoor places. I hoped they weren’t strays left to fend for themselves. And that brings up the only thing I didn’t like about the book – that there is no identifiable author and maybe 98% of the photos came from various ‘stock’ sources online. That worries me because with other books, the author/compiler/photographer goes to great length to say no cats were harmed and all the cats were either rescued or adopted. The ones inside are probably fine. But it’s the outdoor kitties where I pause.

Rating 3 out 5 paws only because I worry about the fate of the outdoor kitties in these photos.