PeggySue surprised!

PeggySue went outside yesterday for the first time since she’s been a part of the family!

Since she’s been on a harness and leash because of her Ms Hyde personality, she was allowed out.

BTW, Mom didn’t bother taking any pics of me.

But I’ll be back tomorrow!! Love, Toby💞💖

A to Z: L – LITTLE Night Cat


little night cat

Little Night Cat 

Sonja Danowski
Translated from German by David Henry Wilson
NorthSouth Books, 2016 

From the back of the book, “When Tony, a little boy, bravely offers his stuffed animals—including his favorite toy cat—to the animal shelter to raise money for the needy dogs and cats, it touches his mom’s heart. Later that night when Tony misses his toy, she gives him her old stuffed cat. He embraces it with such care and devotion that his mom rewards him in a way that he never imagines.”

Oh, this beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully written book brought tears to my eyes and put a lump in my throat. I was so touched by Tony’s generosity and love to give so many of his toys to help raise money and then later that night, I felt his sorrow and loneliness of having no stuffed cat to hold as he tries to fall asleep. I love the subtlety the author uses to encourage her readers to give to animal shelters and even adopt a pet. There’s no preaching or brow beating – just a little boy who gives all he can give and it is returned to him many times over.

Rating: 5 out of 5 paws because it is a tale of amazingly wonderful, beautiful and satisfying love.


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