A to Z: Z – Mr. FuZZbuster Know He’s the Favorite


That’s it! This is the last A to Z post! (Other than the review in a week or so.) But we’re done, finished,finito, fini, fertig!

mr fuzzbuster

Mr. Fuzzbuster Knows He’s the Favorite 

Stacy McAnulty
Illustrated by Edward Hemingway
Two Lions, Amazon, 2017 

From the dust jacket: “Mr. Fuzzbuster knows he’s Lily’s favorite. After all, the two of them have been together since she was in diapers and he fit in a teacup. They spent all their time together. But now four more animals also live in the house, and each think they’re Lily’s favorite. So it’s up to Mr. Fuzzbuster to show them once and for all whom she loves best….”

This book is so cute! I just love Mr. Fuzzbuster – not only is he all black, but he’s handsome and smart – just like me!! Of course he’s Lily’s favorite. I mean, who is a lizard, a dog, a bird and a fish compared to a sleek house panther!! Well, at least what we think – but it turns out, Lily is quite fair in her love for her pets and she shows each of them how much. Loved the illustrations – they’re simple yet very expressive. You can just see the pride in Fuzzbuster’s face – but also the disappointment, too. This is sweet book we adding to our wish list.

Rating 5 out of 5 paws because we love it and we’re sure your kittens will love it, too!!

Reviewer: simon-locSimon