K9 Friends

pebblesThis is Pebbles. She lives next door to G. She is a Bichon Frise!


roxy This is Roxy. She is a maltese-poodle mix. She belongs to a friend of my mom and Grandmama. Her mom loves butterflies. She reminds me of a butterfly with such a flowy tail and butterfly wings for ears.


Bella recuperating in her momma's lap. She was close to the fence - someplace me and Toby go a lot - but since she is so close to the ground she walked over a broken glass and got a nasty cut! She had to get 6 staples on her chest and be put on antibiotics for two weeks. Me and Toby are so glad she is okay and the cut was not deep!

This is Bella, my next-door neighbor. She is a black miniature dachshund. She is very nice but since she is only 3 years old she wants to play all the time. She wears me out!


friend buddy

This is Buddy. He lives with my Granmama. He is at least 90 pounds of hound dog. When mom goes off with Granmama, she leaves me in his care. But it’s really me who looks after him! He’s nice and I like him, as long as he doesn’t eat my food!


my friend Lucy the elf

 This is Lucy. She belongs to my aunt’s best friend. She loves to dress up. She even has a tutu that she wears all the time! But for Christmas she likes to be a Christmas Elf.


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