Friday Fill-in Time!!

Hey folks! It’s time for Friday Fill-ins! Let’s get started!! My answers are in red and blue in honor of the holiday weekend! (mom is bowing out this week).

1. My next adventure will be at the end of summer. What will it be, you ask? Ha!! You’ll have to wait to find out!!0630 1


2. Fireworks freak out ehfurrybody but me; however they do make me a little nervous. I usually like to be wrapped in mom’s arms when they’re going off.0630 2


3. Freedom is being loved unconditionally.


4. This week, I am we are all thankful for a home, family and food!


I hope everybody has a gr-r-r-r-reat holiday weekend!!!!


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cat 4th of july

How we spent the Fourth

How was your Fourth of July? Ours was L O U D!!!!  OMC! The fireworks in the park across the interstate from where we live sounded like they were in our backyard!!! Our walls were vibrating and the windows were shaking. It was horrible for everybody but me. I spent the noisy time sitting in a box on mom’s desk.IMG_3112


PeggySue did really well – she was sort of relaxed and alert throughout the fireworks but when the big finale came – we could tell because it sounded like a helicopter landing on our roof – she did run off and hide. This was her earlier in the day.IMG_3095


BobbieSue was not happy with PeggySue earlier in the day and showed her temper.IMG_3105


ME? I just enjoyed the cool breeze while I could and ignored the feuding female felines!IMG_3097


Have a great day!!!


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Simonized Sunday Selfies

Simon here,

Yesterday when mom was trying to figure out our Catriotic Caturday Art she ran across some really pretty frames so I get to be the Sunday Selfie Star today!


simon on the roof

Simon on the Roof

simon poppy

Simon with poppies

simon beauty 1

Simon taking wing


Mom wants to apologize for not visiting and responding to comments the last few days – time has gotten away from her. However, she promises to get caught up since she has the next two days off from work and is spending them at home!

tuxie sorry

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We’re blog hopping today and hoping everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend!

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