Sunday Selfies with guests!

The first selfie is my cousin Moose who lives with Granmama. He’s more interested in his food than in taking a selfie.selfie-0122


My second guest is my cousin Jack who lives with my Auntie and Uncle. He woke up from his nap long enough to snap a selfie. He was tired after helping him mom put away the Christmas decorations.selfie-0122b

And here’s my selfie. You can see it had been one of those days.  And yes, mom still has both Christmas trees up. The decorations are packed away but she likes the colorful trees.selfie-0122c


catonmyhead2-200x300 Thanks Kitty’s Blue for hosting!!!

A true Selfie!!

No, this isn’t the selfie. This is Shakespeare (a big name for a little boy!). He was at a store mom and granmama visited last Saturday. His mom dressed him as a Christmas Elf. He doesn’t look too happy about it.1218a


This is the Selfie!!! Mom and Shakespeare. She said he was so cute it made her both miss LadyBird and want another little one running around the house.1218b


This is my selfie! Too close to the camera!!1218c



Selfie time!!!

Hey folks! It’s selfie time again and I have some more guests! First, I have to ask mom when are we going to watch something besides Murder She Wrote? Aren’t there any good cat movies around? Breakfast at Tiffany’s?  Rhubarb?–heck–I’ll even suffer through a Grumpy Cat movie rather that watch Jessica Fletcher solve another mystery!1211a-selfie


Granmama went to a holiday event that had a petting zoo. Here’s some cute goats!1211b

Here’s a cousin of Smoke & Joe, but he doesn’t know anything about taking a selfie. Hey, Mr. Donkey! Look into the camera next time!!1211c


Now this guy knows what taking a selfie is all about! Look at that smile! That focus! That eye contact! Good job, Mr. Alpaca!!!1211d

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Sunday Selfie guests

It’s Sunday Selfie time! Today the Wrecking Crew welcomes Buddy! Straight from his recent visit to the vet (who is currently abhorring his bland food diet)!selfie-b

Our next guest is the cockatoo from Abbey Animal Hospital (Buddy’s vet clinic). Very pretty but mom forgot to ask his/her name. Bad momma.selfie-a

We aren’t taking any credit for this one. It’s just mom’s off-the-beam ways. (Also a resident of the animal clinic.) Mom didn’t ask this one it’s name either. We figure it’s too late for that.selfie-c


catonmyhead2-200x300 Sunday Selfies with the Cat on My Head!!!



A post at last!!

027 I am so sorry I haven’t posted since Thursday! Can you believe it!?! My mom has not done as I have asked – no Friday Fill-ins, no Caturday Art, and no Sunday Selfie!! Well, I guess this post could be my Sunday Selfie! Bad momma!!


031I won’t go over all the reasons why I have a Bad Momma, but, I do want y’all to know that I am much better now. Your prayers have done their job and I thank you. I am back to my normal self, being mom’s orange shadow and the chin bumps are almost completely gone. I’m eating like a horse – which mom likes very much – and being my usual helper self with her work.

I hope all of you have had a nice Sunday and I’ll see you tomorrow!!

Love, Toby


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