It’s been a few days…

boxing toby 1It’s been a few days since I last posted. Mom and I have been busy – and we’ll be staying busy for the next few weeks. Why? You ask?… And, why am I in this box?


boxing toby 2The answer to both questions is: we’re moving!!!! We’re moving home to live with granmama! We’ve got until the end of August to finish the move and you know how I have to check out each box to make sure it meets with my high standards before I tell mom what to pack in it. We’re still packing the office – have been for a two weeks now – that’s because its the room with the most stuff!! I’ve got more box-inspection photos to share and as time goes on, I’ll tell you more about our move! But I’m excited – I can’t wait to live with granmama!!!!

See you Friday! Love, Toby and the Wrecking Crew (soon to be known as the Moving Crew!!)cats house cartoon

toby-in-the-boxAnother Toby-in-the-Box Production!

Yippee! It’s Friday!!

0623 a

Hello kitties, doggies and humans!!

I got to go outside on Tuesday!!! Our landlord is selling the duplex where we live so we’ve had to suffer through strangers walking through the house. Everybody else hides but I usually show the potential buyers around the house because mom isn’t home. Mom says she appreciates how I greet them at the door and then says good-bye to them as well. I like the company!!! Anyway, mom was home relaxing when a realtor turned up unexpectedly so, rather than stay inside while the folks looked around, we went outside. It was so nice!!! but I hadn’t had supper yet so I didn’t want to stay outside too long because my tummy was talking!  

Enough of all that; here’s our fill in’s for the week. Mom’s answers are in purple this week and mine are in red (I thought we’d switch up from the usual pink and orange!!!). Enjoy!

1. A recurring dream I have is falling in space – when I was a kitten my foster mom had kept my family in a box on a shelf in her closet (she had BIG DOGS!) and I kept wanting to explore so over the side I would go. After about the 5th time she found me on the floor crawling around she finally moved the box to floor level. It was that, she said, or fit me with a football helmet!! falling cat During times of stress I dream I’m traveling down a never ending road, usually up a mountain where I never reach the top.

2. Turn kitty kibble into delicious cat treats!! Catnip Brownies - Cool!Turn war and hatred into peace and love is my hope and prayer.

3. PeggySue is driving me crazy! All she wants to do is play!!! 0623bMy job is driving me crazy. If it weren’t for the great benefits (which make up for the poor pay) I would have moved on years ago.

4. Lately, I have been thinking I want to spend more time with my grandmama. 0623cLately I’ve been thinking about retiring in about 10 years. 


Thank you Miss Ellen and Miss McGuffy for hosting this Fun Friday Fill-in!!! And thank YOU for stopping by!! We’ll see you soon!!!

Love, Toby and the Wrecking Crew


PS…this is for my lady love, Penny.  Who loves ya, babe?falling in love


A Christmas Friday Fill-in!

It’s a Christmas Friday-Fill-In! With just over a week until the big guy gets here– are you excited or what???

1. My favorite Christmas Song(s) is/are  What Child is This, O Holy Night and the Hallelujah Chorus, but I could do without hearing , All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth and some crazy hippopotamus song my granmama’s chorus does every year for their Christmas concert  ever again.1216a

2.My most meaningful Christmas ornament/decoration is  a Saint Nicholas ornament; he’s dressed in a long red robe and is carrying a bag of switches, because gramama gave it to mom many years ago; she got it on a trip to Colonial Williamsburg; and it always goes at the top of the tree!1216b


3. My favorite holiday treat is TUNA!!!! Mom likes shrimp cocktail.1216c


4. A holiday tradition in my house is as Simon is demonstrating below, sleeping in and snuggling with mom. Then mom abandons me and goes to granmama’s and they drive to see Auntie, Uncle and cousin Jack.1216d

And, yes, I know I have trees and other stuff on my back (and a reindeer on my head)! Mom was being “Christmasy” with me. Thanks, mom.


ellen_cat_badge_2 Go here for more fill-in fun!!!



Remembrance Day

0828a Today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day and we are honoring our cousins who paved the way for the Wrecking Crew. 

rainbow bridge day


Sweet Piper and LadyBird left us last year …



Those who came before the Crew…

baby-agnes lauracleo normanarussell-amyrddin-nimue

mc This is MC – we’re looking for a better photo of him!

And we are remembering Granmama’s two babies that went to the bridge this year…


We are also joining  the Cat on My Head Sunday Selfie – because the photo of me is a selfie!

Cat4-001-300x300 Click on the badge to view more selfies and remembrances.


We remember. . .

flagToday is the day we celebrate the lives of valiant men and women through the ages who served their country and made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of Freedom. Mom tells us that she has had family members die in service to their country as far back as the Civil War (she thinks the Revolutionary War as well, but its too early in the morning to check with Granmama!). 

starflower1 We want to especially remember mom’s uncles:  Philip, Oscar and Claude, Jr. who served during WW2.  Uncle Philip is the only one who remains (he’s in his 90s and is Angel LadyBird’s father). We honor, remember and thank them for their service and sacrifice.starflower1

memorial day 2016 a`

memorial day 2016 c

memorial day 2016 b


Memorial Day 5.30.2016