Read a Book Day!!

Today is “Read a Book Day” so mom ran around and took photos of us with the book she’s reading.  Here we go:


She woke me up – just barely!0906b


PeggySue looks like she’s actually reading the book!0906a


BobbieSue is perturbed about being bothered.0906c


Simon didn’t even wake up – the sun was shining so bright, you can’t see the book!0906d


We hope you reading  a book you like today!


billy-sweet-feet We’re sorry for the loss of Billy SweetFeets. His family will miss him greatly.


Hope your day has been wonderful – if not, at least tolerable!!


Remembrance Day

0828a Today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day and we are honoring our cousins who paved the way for the Wrecking Crew. 

rainbow bridge day


Sweet Piper and LadyBird left us last year …



Those who came before the Crew…

baby-agnes lauracleo normanarussell-amyrddin-nimue

mc This is MC – we’re looking for a better photo of him!

And we are remembering Granmama’s two babies that went to the bridge this year…


We are also joining  the Cat on My Head Sunday Selfie – because the photo of me is a selfie!

Cat4-001-300x300 Click on the badge to view more selfies and remembrances.


Tribute to King Sammy of Baconia

chef toby Chef Toby here – I was helping mom go through old magazines the other day (for her art project) and I found some delicious bacon recipes to offer in tribute to King Sammy of Baconia!

Here is the delicious bacon first – then the recipes!!0827aMmmm, look delicious, don’t they? Southwest Cornmeal, Pecan Rosemary, BBQ! I found them in a Southern Living Magazine from March 2015. Here’s the recipes –0827d



Here I am in my kitchen cooking them up for King Sammy! Everyone else is invited over to sample them!! Bacon for King Sammy

Happy Caturday Art to King Sammy and everyone else!!

We’re praying extra hard for Flynn, King Sammy’s friend, as he his feeling poorly!flynnbadge

New Pet Parade button 200x200



Simon Says: Its my turn for Friday Fill-Ins!


I get to answer Friday Fill-Ins this week!!! My answers are in RED!!

1. I prefer binge watching my favorite tv shows with mom to watching them one by one each week.

selfies 0214c

2. Getting used to Toby going outside and me having to stay inside was much harder than I expected. Mom says I can go outside but only if I wear a harness and walk on a leash. I tried telling her the harness is too heavy and I can’t walk under its weight but she said I must learn to wear it if I want to explore the great outdoors again. Oh, well. I’ll just watch from the window.155

3. One way that I relax is after eating I lounge underneath the sink in the kitchen.simon head shot

4. Mom petting me always makes me purr very loudly.feb 26 05ab

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

ellen_cat_badge_2  Click HERE and HERE for more Fill-IN Fun!!!!


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angel_01 Purrs and Prayers for the people of Nice, Francefrance-flag

Friday Fill-Ins!!


I’m answering Friday Fill-Ins for mom this week!!

1.The best brand of  peanut butter is Jif.pb day


2. I  Mom refuses to buy clothes of any kind unless there is a sale or a coupon.
clip-art-shopping-562250This cartoon is something she would never do! 


3. I am Mom is inspired by artists such as Jane Perkins.king-of-the-beasts-copy Jane Perkins’ website


4. Whenever Mom pets me, I am reminded how much I love her and she loves me.0604hugsb


Tomorrow is Box Day – Get your box photos ready!!!! 



Purrs and prayers….


In Memorium…






happy dance ‘Cause its Friday!!!