Sunday Snoozing Selfies

The following selfies speak for themselves!!! Enjoy your Sunday and be like us and take a nap!!!

1030a BobbieSue

1030b Toby

1030c  Simon 

1030d PeggySue


We don’t have a snoozing photo of MerryBelle because to catch us napping is to show how comfortable we are with mom. MerryBelle is not that comfy yet. She only relaxes enough to sleep while she’s hiding. So here’s the most recent photo we have of her!



catonmyhead2-200x300 We’ll link up on Monday!!!

Friendly Friday Fill-ins!

It’s Friday Fill-in time!! Here’s our answers to some spooky questions!

One Halloween, I dressed as (MerryBelle) this is my first Halloween maybe – I’m not sure how old I am. But mom said she dressed up as a gypsy when she was younger. She said it was in the days when you made your own costumes from what was in your mom’s closet!!1021-a

2. My favorite comedian is (PeggySue) myself, really. I crack myself up sometimes! Mom laughs a lot at me too.1021-b

3. My scariest Halloween was (Toby) never. Mom and I don’t do scary.  1021-c

4. (Toby) Anything yummy I can get my paws on is my favorite Halloween treat. Mom’s favorite Halloween treat is Chocolate!!



Sunday Selfies!!

Here’s a long-distance selfie of MerryBelle getting ready to launch herself from her perch to make a mad dash to the food dish while avoiding PeggySue at the same time!


Are you trying to distract me, mom?013

And here’s one of me! You know I couldn’t let a Selfie Sunday go by without my selfie! Aren’t I handsome? Mom thinks I am. 002

Nellie carved us a Pumpkin!!!! We LOVE it!!


If you want to be a part of Nellie’s Pumpkin Patch click HERE for more info!!! We love sweet Miss Nellie!!!

We hope everybody has a relaxing Sunday!!!


We’re Having a Witchy-Caturday Art!!

We’ve been posting some of last year’s Halloween’s art but today we have new art!!! We are witches and warlocks today!!!







On another a note, we were asked why does everybody avoid PeggySue (see our answers from our Sunshine post this past Thursday)? Here’s why – and some of the answers include mom, although she doesn’t avoid PeggySue like us!

  • She doesn’t know how to play nice – she bites and claws
  • She doesn’t enjoying petting – mom can give her just one stroke or two and she bites mom’s hands and fingers
  • She’s a lurker – she hides around corners and doors and when we walk by she attacks! She even attacks mom!
  • She steals our treats – she inhales her treats so fast she’ll eat what’s left of everybody else’s. To prevent her from doing that mom gives her more treats (to keep her eating longer) than the rest of us and that’s not fair.
  • We were a genteel house of older cats who lived a dignified life – now we have the lightening fast PeggySue running around being a rambunctious young whippersnapper who is driving us all to distraction!!! For some reason unbeknownst to us, mom sees a lot of potential in her as she settles down. When will that be, Mom?



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