and then there were 3!

Guess What?! The Crew and I wish to welcome to our family—-Angel!!0702 and then there were 3cAngel is the third girlbird of our flock! She’s the lowest one on the branch. 


0702 and then there were 3dShe is the sister of Mabel and Matilda and joined us on Thursday. Mom was going to call her Maybelline or Maude but her former caretaker said her name was Angel.


0702 and then there were 3bHere’s a better picture of her – she’s a little roughed up because her other brothers and sisters were picking on her because her wings are messed up (sort of like Mabel’s) and has trouble flying.


0702 and then there were 3aSo we have added her to our refuge of safety and she’ll be back to her sleek prettiness like her new roommates before long! And, because I know you’re wondering – there were some initial squabbles, but all three girlbirds settled down just fine!

fun-with-mable-and-matilda and angel

Tuxie Tuesday with the Sues!

While PeggySue was sacked out on a basket of plastic bags…0606e


I was watching Mable & Matilda. Can you see Mabel looking at me as I am looking at her?0606a


Here’s where I showed her my teeth.0606b


And here’s where I showed her that I CAN fit her inside my mouth if given half-a-chance!0606c


What? No, mom. I didn’t threaten Maude and Matilda with my teeth. I am totally innocent of any wayward thoughts when it comes to the bird girls.  😉


See you next time on Tuxie Tuesday when I’ll demonstrate my jaw strength!!!

Love, BobbieSue


It’s Tuxie Tuesday!!

On behalf of the Wrecking Crew (and Toby, too) BobbieSue and I want to apologize for being absent for a few days. It’s mom’s fault. She wasn’t feeling up to snuff so she just ignored our blog. But she’s better today so here we are!!0321e


We’re late this week but since it’s Tuxie Tuesday, we get to fill in the Friday Fill-Ins!! My answers (PeggySue) will be in pink. BobbieSue’s will be in red. Mom’s will be in blue.

1591. The oldest item in my home is Simon – he’s at least 12 – 13. The oldest item in my home is my maternal grandmother’s high school graduation ring. From 1925.


0321d2. The oldest item in my refrigerator is No Fair! I don’t have a refrigerator! The oldest item in the fridge is 2 empty 3-liter plastic bottles. They’re so big I store them in the cooler drawers. They’re in case of a hurricane, I can store extra water. They’ve been there since the year I moved in (2011) and I’ve never used them.


0108a3. My family heritage is this is one I can answer! I’m from Savannah, Georgia!!!! A true southern belle at heart! My family heritage is mostly English, a dollop of French and German; and,  if my grandmothers are to be believed, a smidgen of two different Native American nations – Nansemond on my mother’s side and Cree on my father’s side.


0321a4. My favorite family tradition is the most current one – watching Mable and Matilda! My favorite family tradition is Thanksgiving – the FOOD!!!!! All the old favorites dusted off once a year and savored (plus leftovers!)

Toby will be here tomorrow with some new pictures of Mable and Matilda! Have a totally terrific Tuesday!!!

Tuxie Tuesday with BobbieSue and MerryBelle

Yes, I am still obsessed with Mable and Matilda. As soon as mom uncovers the cage in the morning, I’m right there staring into the cage. If she didn’t shoo me out of the room when she leaves for the day I’d be staring at them all day, too. When she comes home from work and opens the door, I’m right there checking in on the birdies. I take a quick break for dinner and then I’m right back at it. Toby acts like he doesn’t care anymore and Simon doesn’t give them any thought at all. But not me. I am obsessed with them. 0314a


MerryBelle is almost as obsessed as me but she’s still shy around mom so as long as mom isn’t looking, she’s staring with me!0314b


MerryBelle looks like she’s telling mom, “Turn around so I can watch the birdies!”0314c


kitten in box of clover

Bird Watching Friday Fill-Ins!

Friday Fill-In Time!!!!  My answers are in Orange and BobbieSue’s are in Blue!

0310a1. I hope Bird TV gets renewed for another season. Don’t worry – I’m sure it will!


0310b2. My first crush was  and still is Millie. Mine is Penny.


0310c3. Mable & Matilda eating usually makes me batcr*p crazy. I just wish I could get to them.  Their constant chatter usually makes me sleepy. You’re weird, Toby.


0310d4. If I were a super-hero, I would be Bird-Girl and I’d be an Anti-Super-Hero and I would be able to fly and chase birds and eat them! and harass them and… Enough, BobbieSue! It’s my turn. If I were a super-hero I would be SupermanCat and I would fly up to my sweet Penny and bring her back here to live with me and we could watch Bird TV together.


ellen_cat_badge_2-1 Go Here for more Fill-in Fun!!!!