FIRE!!!! (not really)

Today is National Fire Pup Day!! It’s a day to celebrate all the dogs who work for with fire departments! And specifically the Dalmatian, the traditional fire dog. Mom transformed me into a fire dog!fire-pup-a



If you like Halloween – and I know some of you do!!!  – you might want to consider participating in a new Halloween Challenge! Mom’s going to participate on her art blog and Miss Ellen of 15 & Meowing is participating as well. Here’s a link for more information! 



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T.V. dinner, anyone?

Happy Caturday everybody!!!

Today is National T.V. Dinner day so I invited Penny over for some Swanson T.V. Dinners and the Aristocats on T.V.!!!

tv-dinner-dayMy Lady-Love had fried chicken and I had Salisbury steak!!




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Read a Book Day!!

Today is “Read a Book Day” so mom ran around and took photos of us with the book she’s reading.  Here we go:


She woke me up – just barely!0906b


PeggySue looks like she’s actually reading the book!0906a


BobbieSue is perturbed about being bothered.0906c


Simon didn’t even wake up – the sun was shining so bright, you can’t see the book!0906d


We hope you reading  a book you like today!


billy-sweet-feet We’re sorry for the loss of Billy SweetFeets. His family will miss him greatly.


Hope your day has been wonderful – if not, at least tolerable!!


World Beard Day for Caturday Art!!

Today is World Beard Day!!!!  In honor of the celebration Simon and I decided to grow beards!!


I’m wearing a yellow rose because I’m thinking about my beautiful Penny!0903 a


Simon is capitalizing on his white whiskers and wearing a gray and white beard!!! He’s also reminding everyone of his Senior Status!0903


worldbeardday.comClick on the badge to go to the website!!


Here are some really outstanding beards!!beard 1beard 2

25th Garmisch-Partenkirchen Beard Champioships

beard 4beard 5

Now that takes a lot of commitment!




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Flying in for Friday Fill-in Fun!!

toby aviation day

I’m flying in today with my Lady-Cat Love Penny to help celebrate National Aviation Day and Friendly Friday Fill-ins!  My sweetheart was a little perturbed when I went off with Miss Nellie the other day, so I decided to take her flying. Not content to stay inside the plane, she jumped on the wing and had a wind-roaring good time!!! 

Here’s my Friday Fill-in questions and answers!! 

1. When I run out of gasoline, I use recycled cooking oil instead. It kinda makes my plane smell like french fries!  Yum!!fry-clip-art-french-fries-clip-art-GNXavs-clipart
2. My guru is Snoopy the Flying Ace.


3. I am afraid of flying into thunderstorms.


4. I feel empowered Penny’s love.
penny ;pve
I’ll see you tomorrow for Caturday Art!!!