Why are you sitting on stairs, Toby?

So I can see everything that goes on around here and make sure everybody’s paying the toll to get by me.

Rest in Peace, Sweet Simon

Simon, the beloved senior member of our family crossed the Rainbow Bridge Tuesday night. We were expecting it but it doesn’t make it any easier. We’re grateful God blessed us with Simon and know that while we miss him terribly, he is happy and running free with Agnes and Piper. And we will see him again.

Purrs and prayers needed…

img_20180330_170009448144510795.jpgPlease pray for Jack, my cousin in North Carolina. His dad was bringing him home from the vet and Jack escaped out of the car! Jack wasn’t felling well and was scared so he ran away when they were almost home. They’ve looked everywhere and even checked the local pound. It’s been days since he’s been home.

Please pray for Jack to find his way home — his mom and dad miss him so much.


Jack! Please come home!!!