In case you were wondering…

How BobbieSue was doing — she’s been in hiding since PeggySue started her whole Jekyll and Hyde thing, here she is!

This one goes out to her boyfriend, Millie.

PeggySue went to the vet the other day and she said we just have to wait it out for the hormones to finish working their way out of her body.

Maybe another week or so. I know I’ll be glad to have the old PeggySue back!!

Love you, especially Penny!!

Purrs and pawpats,


PeggySue surprised!

PeggySue went outside yesterday for the first time since she’s been a part of the family!

Since she’s been on a harness and leash because of her Ms Hyde personality, she was allowed out.

BTW, Mom didn’t bother taking any pics of me.

But I’ll be back tomorrow!! Love, Toby💞💖