Buddy’s trip to the vet

My cousin, Buddy went to the vet the other day. It was a family affair – my human cousin, Matt was in town for a few days, so the whole family went to the vet with Buddy! (I won’t mention how mom and Auntie abandoned Granmama, Matt, and Buddy at the vet to go shopping next door at the Goodwill. Oops! Did I let that slip?)

vet-a I’m not getting in that car!

vet-b Hold on to me, Matt! I’m scared!

vet-c Wait! I have to make my mark like the rest of the dogs!

vet-d Don’t weigh me!vet-g That does not say 83.9 pounds!

vet-h NOOOOOOO! Don’t take me away!!!!

022Seriously Buddy, get a grip. You came home with some medicine for your upset tummy and all is fine!! Dogs!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!

162  Hey, folks!!!!! I hope you are having a very happy Thanksgiving Eve!! Got those turkeys defrosted? If you need help eating them, let me know and I’ll be over tomorrow!!

005 Mom had a wonderful time with her nephew, Matt. He flew in from California for the weekend and they had Thanksgiving early!!!! He’s pictured with my cousin Buddy. Buddy had a vet appointment the afternoon Matt flew in so when mom got to Granmama’s house, my Auntie, Matt and Mom all decided to go to the vet with him! Mom had some more pictures of the visit but somehow they got deleted from her phone. She’s very perplexed as to how that happened! We’re just glad she saved one!!

020 This is the yummy turkey they had – and I had some last night and it was the bestest ever!!!! Enjoy your day and don’t work too hard watching your humans prepare all that yummy food. Just make sure you’re on stand-by for anything that drops to the floor!

164 Me, in a turkey coma!  Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!!




Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers. I was feeling pretty awful over the weekend but am feeling the power of your prayers and am better today. Over the weekend I was afraid of my mom–I don’t know why–but every time she got near me I ran away (which is completely out of character for me!). That is when she sent out the word to Miss Ellen to pray for me. Thank you, Miss Ellen. But last night I actually slept with mom again – first time in days. I’ve also got some nasty bumps on my chin that’s hurting me.  Mom’s taking me to the vet on Friday to have me checked out. In the meantime, I’m curled up and resting.

Thank you, Miss Ann of Zoolatry, for my beautiful badge. purrs-n-prayers-for-toby

BobbieSue Reporting… and Friday Fill-ins!

reporter BobbieSue large

 BobbieSue Reporting for WTWC News!!

Do you know that the United States Army had a Veterinary Corp? I never thought about it so I would be one of those who didn’t know!


In this week’s local military newspaper,    flagship     —-  I found all about it!!  (By the way, click on the logo to go to the article!)
A few days ago the Norfolk Naval Station Veterinary Activity (VETAC) Veterinary Treatment Facility celebrated the Army Veterinary Corp’s 100thanniversary!100  Formed in 1916, the Corp was established to treat the horses used by the Army during World War 1. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of horses were killed during the war and even more injured!(Go HERE for more information about horses during WW1.)


dog being examinedNow, the Corp treats Military Working Dogs (MWD) as well as the household pets of active-duty and retired military service members, reservists and their dependents.
clinic 1To celebrate the anniversary the local VETAC hosted an open house showing off its facility of six exam rooms and two operating rooms for MWDs and household pets. One of their most important jobs is to screen pets for service members traveling overseas, which includes a pet’s medical history and current health status. Isn’t it wonderful that our service members are able to take their furbabies with them? (Although, not on ships!) Also, the dog on the table is a stuffed toy!

The celebration also had a petting zoo with chickens, goats, miniature donkeys and alpacas.

sheeep And in case you need one, here is another reason to celebrate our VETAC soldiers – they’re a very special group of men and women who not only take care of the needs of heroic Military Service Dogs and the beloved pets of our Armed Forces, but they also care for the animals of the countries where they are stationed! 


Well, I hope you enjoyed my report! I’ll be back again with more news of our own animal backyard!

happy cat

0605aAnd now, it’s my turn to do Friendly Friday Fill-Ins! My answers are in purple!!!


1.       My feelings get hurt when mom shows more ANY affection to my fursiblings.

2.       I am excited about breakfast time, supper time, treat time, and cuddles with momma time.

3.       Me first, then evfurrybody else.

4.       One time, I escaped out the front door on my own and relished the brief moments of absolute freedom; that’s why I try to do it again EVERY SINGLE TIME mom opens the door and she has to watch me like a hawk!

ellen_cat_badge_2 Go HERE and HERE for more Fill-In Fun!!

 happy dance  Because its Friday!!!!


A Kitten Story

In honor of Mother’s Day, our momma is taking over the blog today to tell the story!

August 30, 2002 – I go out the front door in the morning to get the paper (I’m living with my mom at this time) and there, on the front porch, to my surprise,  is a mother cat with 5 kittens! Both mom and & I were off to work, so we left out food and water for the mother cat. That afternoon my sister & mom were able to get the mother cat and 4 babies inside. 4 solid black boys! They said they didn’t see any others. But I was sure there were 5! The next morning we gave the new kittens and mom a bath and flea treatment. (Our vet donated the flea treatment! Yay, vets!!)

bath time


That night after the young family had been put to bed I was upstairs when I heard a tiny meow – I ran outside – and there was the 5th kitten!!! He was hidden under the holly bush and had spent a night and a day outside alone. He was reluctant to come to me as I crouched on the ground talking to him; I couldn’t reach under the prickly holly bush. Mom went inside, got Ali and I held her next to me near the bush. The next time he cried out, Ali meowed and out he came from under the bush!! We got him inside, bedded him down with a well deserved meal and rest with his family . The next morning gave we him a bath and flea treatment. He was the only tuxedo (like his Momma). It was Frankie! As an aside, that time alone and bereft of family had a lifelong effect on Frankie; he still wanders through the house with that same  plaintive meow whenever he finds himself alone.frankie's bath


The kittens grew fast and Ali was a very good mother. The babies were still nursing when we found them (or did someone leave them on our door step? We will never know.) In order to tell the boys apart, they all got different colored collars.  My sister took two of the boys, Armand and Jade (burgundy and green collars). Mom kept the other three, plus Ali.playtime


Moose, Koal and Frankie settled in immediately.



We loved these boys! They’re all angels now, with the exception of Moose and Frankie.



Mom and I take the boys to the vet for their first check up. It went well, all healthy!vet time


My cat, Laura and mom’s other cat, Thursday, did not take well to the kittens.

laura and thursday


The kittens grew up healthy and happy but their mom was not to see it. October 10, 2002, mom found Ali on the bathroom floor in respiratory distress. We rushed her to the Emergency Vets but by the time we arrived there it was too late, she was already gone. We were shocked by the suddenness of her death – she was fine up until the moment she collapsed. The vet performed a brief necropsy – he said that her internal organs were all out of sorts, like she had been hit by a car or fallen or been hurt on purpose. Her diaphragm had been herniated and the heart sack was infiltrated by the other organs. He said he was surprised she had lived as long as she did.

Whatever happened to her happened before she came to live with us. What ever it was she was able to make sure her babies had a safe home and that they were weaned completely before letting go of them.


We want to honor all the cat and dog moms out there who care for and sacrifice their lives for the safety of their babies.

And we want to honor all human moms who sacrifice for the safety of their children – whether those children have two legs or four – You are a special and loved!! Thank you for your Love!!!

Mothers Day 5.8.2016

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