Remembrance Day

0828a Today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day and we are honoring our cousins who paved the way for the Wrecking Crew. 

rainbow bridge day


Sweet Piper and LadyBird left us last year …



Those who came before the Crew…

baby-agnes lauracleo normanarussell-amyrddin-nimue

mc This is MC – we’re looking for a better photo of him!

And we are remembering Granmama’s two babies that went to the bridge this year…


We are also joining  the Cat on My Head Sunday Selfie – because the photo of me is a selfie!

Cat4-001-300x300 Click on the badge to view more selfies and remembrances.


Throwback Thursday!!!

Here’s some old photos for Throwback Thursday.

0825dThis is Agnes when she was a kitten. Mom called her Baby Agnes her entire life – even when she was 12 years old!


0825cThis is M.C. Mom found him where she worked – she worked in a nursing home kitchen and when she was putting the trash out in the morning M.C. wandered up and was very friendly. She told him if he came back in the afternoon she’d take him home (she had been feeding him a couple of days). He came back in the afternoon, literally leaped into her arms so she brought him home. She figured he was dumped by someone. He was only with her for a year or so before he went to the Bridge.


0825a0825bThese two pictures are spring 2014 when Piper was still with us. She was watching out the window when I tried to muscle in on her spot. She schooled me well. I left her to the window and took a nap on mom’s bed.

See you tomorrow for Friendly Friday Fill-Ins!



Way-Back Wednesday!

Today for Way-back Wednesday, I give you two heart babies – Russell, who was way before me and Agnes, who left us when I was 3. Not only were Agnes and Russell a bonded pair, but they were heart-bonded with my mom (like me!). Now, pardon me while I go back to sleep!!030816c

030916aRussell (orange marm, like me!)came into mom’s life from an abusive household when he was a few years old. He was her only cat for a while, but he always welcomed any cat into mom’s his house.  But the one cat he bonded with was Agnes. I guess he was like her dad.


030916bRussell was 5 years old when Agnes came to live with mom and he lived to be 12; Agnes lived another 8 years beyond that. She never did bond with any other cat (even me!). I remember her as being grumpy but mom said she was ‘cosmic’ – she had one paw in this world and one paw on another plane. Not sure what that means!! But mom still misses them both.

Have a great Wednesday!!