Flying in for Friday Fill-in Fun!!

toby aviation day

I’m flying in today with my Lady-Cat Love Penny to help celebrate National Aviation Day and Friendly Friday Fill-ins!  My sweetheart was a little perturbed when I went off with Miss Nellie the other day, so I decided to take her flying. Not content to stay inside the plane, she jumped on the wing and had a wind-roaring good time!!! 

Here’s my Friday Fill-in questions and answers!! 

1. When I run out of gasoline, I use recycled cooking oil instead. It kinda makes my plane smell like french fries!  Yum!!fry-clip-art-french-fries-clip-art-GNXavs-clipart
2. My guru is Snoopy the Flying Ace.


3. I am afraid of flying into thunderstorms.


4. I feel empowered Penny’s love.
penny ;pve
I’ll see you tomorrow for Caturday Art!!!