Bath time

It’s a holiday today and mom has to work so I thought I would catch up on my bath time!


Mom left me in charge and I hear some fighting going on! Don’t make me come bop you, PeggySue and MerryBelle!!! You’re gonna get it if you don’t leave each other alone!154


Back to my bath since those girls stopped fussing at each other.156


A few more licks and it will be naptime! 158

010Bathing sure is exhausting!!



Tuxie Tuesday with PeggySue

173 It’s Tuxie Tuesday! and I get the whole blog to myself today!!! In case you don’t recognize me, I’m PeggySue. My big sisfur, BobbieSue and I look a lot alike so it’s easy to make a mistake. Plus the photo is really dark.

165 I was busy taking a bath the other day, just minding my own business when who should intrude?

171 Mom, of course! She let me sniff her hand before petting me – she says I’m really ‘pawsy’ meaning I love to touch and hold stuff with my paws. If she doesn’t let me sniff first and maybe take a lick, I’ll grab her with my paws – claws and all. She has more than one scratch to prove my love for her!! But I also like to bite!

172 Yep! I couldn’t resist a big juicy finger to chomp down on!! I don’t bite too hard and even though mom’s tried to get me to stop I refuse to! Although, I do bite her less than when I first moved in – she says that’s progress!!! Doesn’t she know she just tastes good and that’s my way of kissing her? I don’t understand these humans – or, humans just don’t understand felines!!!

tuxie-tuesday Thanks for stopping by!! Toby’ll be back tomorrow! (Although if he calls in sick, I can be here in a flash!) Love to you all,



Hey folks, Mom showed me all these photos of me taking a bath and asked me to pick one or two to put on the blog. I said “Choose one or two! You must be kidding!! I want them all on the blog!!!! So here they are!! Enjoy!


I also want to give a nod to sweet LadyBird. Today is her Gotcha Day. Two years ago today mom started on the way home with her from Georgia. If you aren’t familiar with LadyBird, she has her own set of pages under the heading of Angel LadyBird.373This  is one of mom’s favorite photos of her. Simon, BobbieSue and I miss her.


See you tomorrow!!


It’s Sunday Selfie Time!

It’s Sunday Selfie time! Mine was taken at G’s while we were watching TV. Toby’s was taken in mom’s bedroom – he was too busy taking a bath to even bother to look at the camera. That’s Toby for you. No matter – he gets enough camera time as it is!  Everybody enjoy your Sunday. It’s dreary and cold and windy here. I hope its sunny where you are!! Barkingly yours, LadyBird

sunday selfie 102d

sunday selfie 102c

The Cat on my Head Sunday Selfies Blog Hop!!!


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