Tuxie and . . .

It’s Tuxie Tuesday and PeggySue here posting a couple of photos!

First up its Toby and me!!1004-a

Then its Simon and me!!1004b

Then its the latest visitor who is coming by to feed. Mom calls him Casper. She thinks he’s a boy because he frequently argues with the other boy (we think), Baxter. These two boys are older and super feral so mom doesn’t think she’ll bring them in the house. She wants to get them TNR’d before it gets too cold or into a foster home – she’s checking into those things. She says there’s no more room in the inn here!!1004c

See you tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday!!!!



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Friday Fill-ins!!!

It’s Friendly Friday Fill-in time

I’m answering #’s 1 & 2

1.       Two meals a day makes Toby a grumpy boy. I prefer three to elebentybillion meals a day


2.       My favorite magazine is whatever mom is reading at the time. She doesn’t really read them so much as mine them for collage materials.

computer c


Simon’s answering #’s 3 & 4

3.       Recently, I’ve begun to feel my age. I meow and meow for food but when mom puts it down for me I get confused as to where it is. She often has to turn me around and show it to me. I must be older than she thinks. I don’t know. I’m a former street cat. Wait. What was I talking about? When’s breakfast? Where’s breakfast?


4.       Even though I’m getting older, I know I will be well cared for in my twilight years. My mom loves me very much. I even accidentally peed on her bed and she didn’t even say anything to me about it. That was very nice of her. I think I had an accident while sleeping. I don’t remember. When’s breakfast?


ellen_cat_badge_2  Go HERE for more Fill-in Fun!


Simon Says: Remember Me Thursday


Today is Remember Me Thursday and the only kitties you will find here today are rescued ones – almost all kitties who have lived with mom have been rescued in one way or another.

First up are the most recent additions: PeggySue and MerryBelle:


Then there’s me (Simon) and BobbieSue:


Now for some Angel rescued kitties:

Piper and Rufus came from the mean streets.


M.C. from the street as well:



Mike and Molly were born in mom’s backyard:


And last but certainly not least, Russell and Laura from bad homes:


So we remember these kitties and the ones who are currently in bad situations waiting for a safe and loving forever home. 2016-09-19_rememberme_02


And we thank all the rescue organizations and shelters who work so hard, many times for no pay, for the rescued animals. Without them and the millions of unknown people (like mom) who take in strays from the outside, the world would be a much sadder place than it already is.

Bring joy into your life – rescue a cat or other animal today!

post-7  Love, Simon






Simon Says: Happy Birthday!

0913b It’s my turn to post!!

Today is the birthday of my Lady Love, Joanie!!! Here is a special card I made for her:joanies-birthday

I’ve had a copy of the card to mail to you –  I’m sorry it’s late in the mail – I kept reminding mom to drop it by the post office but she’s so forgetful.

It’s also Sammy’s Birthday, too!! So, of course, we made him a card, too!hb-sammy


And since this post is all about our friends over at 15 and Meowing, this is a special addition from mom – Last spring Miss Ellen brought a new cat-baby home named Brody and he was scared to death! So we posted a purrs and prayers announcement:brody-healing-of-his-spirit You could just see the fear on his face.

Well yesterday Miss Ellen posted a new photo of Brody dressed as a pirate and the look on his face is priceless – pure happiness! brody-so-happyMom said she just had to show a before and after photo of the handsome boy! It’s amazing what prayers will do!

That’s all for today, Toby will be back tomorrow!!