Sunday Selfies!!

Here’s our entries for Sunday Selfies!

0821aHere I am sleeping on a bag full of treats that I’m guarding so that nobody else can get them!


0821b PeggySue is trying to help mom with the camera so she’s a little blurry.


0821c BobbieSue’s perturbed because mom bugged her in her nap.


0821d Simon was woken up from his nap as well!


We read on 15andMeowing that Phoebe’s mom forgot to send in her photo for our Blogville Pawlympic Gymnastic Bathing Event which meant she didn’t get a gold medal. Well, we’re correcting that mistake now!!

phoebe bathing


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Its National Bowling Day!

We’re celebrating Caturday Art and Bowling Day — not that we’ve ever been bowling! But its fun to think about!!


bowling day peggysueThis is PeggySue!


bowling day cThis is BobbieSue!


bowling day aAnd I, of course, am Toby!




Tomorrow is Gymnastic Bathing Day!! I hope you will come back and watch the competition!

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It’s Caturday Art, Pet Parade and Cat Blogosphere Day!!



New Pet Parade button 200x200




Simon Says: Its my turn for Friday Fill-Ins!


I get to answer Friday Fill-Ins this week!!! My answers are in RED!!

1. I prefer binge watching my favorite tv shows with mom to watching them one by one each week.

selfies 0214c

2. Getting used to Toby going outside and me having to stay inside was much harder than I expected. Mom says I can go outside but only if I wear a harness and walk on a leash. I tried telling her the harness is too heavy and I can’t walk under its weight but she said I must learn to wear it if I want to explore the great outdoors again. Oh, well. I’ll just watch from the window.155

3. One way that I relax is after eating I lounge underneath the sink in the kitchen.simon head shot

4. Mom petting me always makes me purr very loudly.feb 26 05ab

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

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angel_01 Purrs and Prayers for the people of Nice, Francefrance-flag

Brothers in Arms

IMG_3168 It’s been a busy week so we’re behind schedule a bit! Mom took this photo this morning while we were sitting, waiting patiently for our breakfast. We were both hungry so we refused to look at the camera. 


It’s bad enough that we’re only fed twice a day, that we have to wait all night for breakfast, then mom has the nerve to loll about in bed after her alarm goes off before getting up to head to the kitchen!  Simon’s giving me the stink eye – he says I should be grateful we aren’t out on the streets having to forage for food the way he did when he was younger. I suppose he’s right. But no matter what he says – I AM NOT SPOILED!!


teaserbadgesummer16-4I didn’t do so well in Sammy’s  Tuesday Teaser and I got another Greenie! This is a new one and it’s very nice!!!  Even if it means I don’t know my geography!





Wondering if you want to pawticipate in our Gymnastic Bathing Event for the Blogville Pawlympics? You say you have photos from eons ago but nothing recent? That’s okay!!! It doesn’t matter – send them to me anyway!! And look! This is what you’ll get when the event is held:

2016 Pawlympics Medal

Yep! That’s right a beautiful  medal created by none other that Ann of Zooaltry!!! Isn’t it fabulous???   You have until tomorrow to get them in to us!! (Shhh! don’t tell! You can send them in to us anytime during the rest of July!)

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We’ve had some issues with our email address above. If your submission doesn’t go through – let us know in the comment section and I’ll go to your blog and leave my other email address.


Simon will be back tomorrow for Friday Fill-Ins!! Have a great day!!