Simon says…We are Thankful


It’s my turn on the blog and I’m doing Thankful Thursday!!



We are Thankful for Miss Ellen  over at 15andMeowing. She sent us a surprise gift this week – yummy toys and Flat Penny, Joanie and Millie so they can always we with us!! Oh she sent mom a very pretty blank journal, too. Miss Ellen is so wonderful and so giving!! Thank you so much for your kindness!!



Here I am standing on my head in bliss over the catnip toys!!!



We are Thankful BobbieSue is getting used to not being the baby of the family any more.



We are Thankful for PeggySue and for . . . 



. . .MerryBelle. See the mess around her? That’s why we’re called The Wrecking Crew – ’cause we wreck mom’s house when she’s not home!!!


Oh – and we got a Greenie this week from Sammy’s Geography Class! Our Third one!!


See you tomorrow for Finally Friday!!!

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ellen_cat_badge_2  Friday Fill-Ins are tomorrow!!




WooHoo! It’s Friday!!

First up – Friendly Friday Fill-ins!

First of all I had problems with the first two questions – especially since I love to eat!!!

032416b1. I used to love to eat everything mom puts before me, but now it repulses me  and I still do!!!


2. I would never eat not eat anything, but now and I still I love it. 


0610b3. I always cry meow really loud every night at bed time as I walk through the house making sure my territory is safe and free of interlopers. Once I am sure The Crew is safely tucked into bed, I bring my mom a gift/toy to her in bed to let her know the house is safe and sound.


0610c4. My mom always makes me laugh when she does silly things that make her mad.


I  have a surprise for you!! A new photo of PeggySue! 


Here are some bloopers for The Pet Blogger’s Blooper Round-up! These would be great photos of BobbieSue if they were in focus!!



pbb-1-700x500Click on the badge for more Blooper fun!!!

happy cat Happy Friday Everybody!!!!!


Friday Fill-In’s!!

It’s Friday the 13th but don’t be a-feared! It’s Friday Fill-in Day and because mom doesn’t know how to take good photos, we’re joining a new blooper blog hop!!!0513b


McGuffy’s Reader and 15andMeowing are sponsoring the Friendly Friday-Fill-in’s! My answers are in blue!

1.-I want to stop MaryBelle hiding from mom and start being friendlier

2.-I haven’t been outside in  three days – that’s like forever!

3.-I believe I am the most handsomest cat in the world and Penny is the most beautiful girlfriend in the universe

4.-My earliest memory is playing with my blue sparkle ball and my mom throwing it over and over and over and over and over ad nauseam!0513c




And now the Bloopers sponsored by The Lazy Pit Bull’s Pet Blogger Blooper Round-Up!0513a042

The first would have been a great one for showing off my sharp teeth – if it had been in focus! And the second one – I don’t even know what happened here!



Rainbow Bridge crossing

ChaseJeff 1 Valiant K9 Hero, Chase, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Please go HERE to leave your condolences.








0513dHave a great weekend!!!!