Tuxie Tuesday with the Sues!

While PeggySue was sacked out on a basket of plastic bags…0606e


I was watching Mable & Matilda. Can you see Mabel looking at me as I am looking at her?0606a


Here’s where I showed her my teeth.0606b


And here’s where I showed her that I CAN fit her inside my mouth if given half-a-chance!0606c


What? No, mom. I didn’t threaten Maude and Matilda with my teeth. I am totally innocent of any wayward thoughts when it comes to the bird girls.  😉


See you next time on Tuxie Tuesday when I’ll demonstrate my jaw strength!!!

Love, BobbieSue


Tuxie Tuesday presents: C is for Clay Henry and Cicero

C today’s topic here: Clay Henry and Cicero 

image It was very nice of Toby to let me share in some of his challenge duties. He’s taken over staring at Mable and Matilda while I present the “C” subjects.

First we have Clay Henry, who was a goat that resided in Texas. One day in 1986 he was elected mayor of Goat Mountain (aka Lajitas), a super small town in southwestern Texas. Clay Henry wasn’t a shoo-in – he had competition: from a man who lived in Houston, some 500 miles away, a wooden stature of a Native American that stood outside the local trading post and a local dog named Buster. Mayor Clay served until his death at the very old age of 23, in 1992. His major claim to being famous was not that he was mayor but that he loved beer. His citizens always made sure he got his daily ration of beer – and then some!

Being the most powerful goat in town, Clay Henry started a political dynasty that continues on. After the original Clay, next came his son, Clay Henry, Jr. who served until 1998. And then Clay Henry the Third who began serving in 1998. The most recent update Toby found was in 2008, Clay Henry III was still serving as mayor and fortunately sired a son, Clay Henry IV, before being rudely castrated by a local drunk. (The drunk was caught and arrested; Clay Henry recovered.) Maybe this is why Toby didn’t want to share this with you – it brought back memories of being neutered!!0404 mayor ClayHenryHe’s almost a tuxedo goat!!!


A skewbald* draft horse named Cicero began his working career in the lowly profession of a milkman’s horse. He was known as Paddy then and lived in Edinburgh, Scotland. Paddy and his owner delivered milk to many houses in town, one of which was Holyrood House, where Queen Elizabeth stays when she visits Edinburgh. One day on their usual route, they found their way blocked by a very noisy royal parade. Paddy reportedly watched with interest, and, not being bothered by the noise and commotion of the troop, music, drums, other horses and the crowd, the large horse stood completely still until the parade passed by. A few days later the milkman received a letter from the queen’s Household Calvary. It seems a colonel of the Calvary noticed Paddy standing calmly unmoved as the parade passed and they were looking for horses that were able to remain calm in the midst of chaos.0404 cicero aThat’s quite the parade!!


In 1968, Paddy was on his way to the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace in London to begin months of training. He was renamed Cicero and promoted to the lofty profession of Drum Master’s horse. He paraded with the Life Guards, the queen’s bodyguards, and spent 10 years in parades carrying 2 118-pound drums plus the Drum Master. When he retired in 1979, Cicero was (and still is) one of the longest serving drum horses.0404 cicero b Look at those hooves – they’re huge!!! Also, I hope you notice Cicero is walking on his own with no one guiding him. Very smart horse.
*Skewbald is a British term and is a color pattern of horses. The North American term is ‘pinto’. A skewbald horse has a coat made up of white patches on a non-black base coat, such as chestnut, bay, or any color besides black coat. Skewbald horses which are bay and white (bay is a reddish-brown color with black mane and tail) are sometimes called tricolored. These horses usually have pink skin under white markings and dark skin under non-white areas. Other than color, it is similar in appearance to the piebald pattern. Some animals also exhibit coloration of the irises of the eye that match the surrounding skin (blue eyes for white skin, brown for dark).

029Thanks for stopping by! Now I can get back to Mable & Matilda. Mom says I’m obsessed with them. I don’t know what that means. I only spend every moment of every minute their door is open staring at them. She told me this morning I’m going to lose weight because I forget to eat! Toby will be here tomorrow with the letter “D”.

Love you! BobbieSue 


It’s Tuxie Tuesday!!

On behalf of the Wrecking Crew (and Toby, too) BobbieSue and I want to apologize for being absent for a few days. It’s mom’s fault. She wasn’t feeling up to snuff so she just ignored our blog. But she’s better today so here we are!!0321e


We’re late this week but since it’s Tuxie Tuesday, we get to fill in the Friday Fill-Ins!! My answers (PeggySue) will be in pink. BobbieSue’s will be in red. Mom’s will be in blue.

1591. The oldest item in my home is Simon – he’s at least 12 – 13. The oldest item in my home is my maternal grandmother’s high school graduation ring. From 1925.


0321d2. The oldest item in my refrigerator is No Fair! I don’t have a refrigerator! The oldest item in the fridge is 2 empty 3-liter plastic bottles. They’re so big I store them in the cooler drawers. They’re in case of a hurricane, I can store extra water. They’ve been there since the year I moved in (2011) and I’ve never used them.


0108a3. My family heritage is this is one I can answer! I’m from Savannah, Georgia!!!! A true southern belle at heart! My family heritage is mostly English, a dollop of French and German; and,  if my grandmothers are to be believed, a smidgen of two different Native American nations – Nansemond on my mother’s side and Cree on my father’s side.


0321a4. My favorite family tradition is the most current one – watching Mable and Matilda! My favorite family tradition is Thanksgiving – the FOOD!!!!! All the old favorites dusted off once a year and savored (plus leftovers!)

Toby will be here tomorrow with some new pictures of Mable and Matilda! Have a totally terrific Tuesday!!!

Tuxie Tuesday with BobbieSue and MerryBelle

Yes, I am still obsessed with Mable and Matilda. As soon as mom uncovers the cage in the morning, I’m right there staring into the cage. If she didn’t shoo me out of the room when she leaves for the day I’d be staring at them all day, too. When she comes home from work and opens the door, I’m right there checking in on the birdies. I take a quick break for dinner and then I’m right back at it. Toby acts like he doesn’t care anymore and Simon doesn’t give them any thought at all. But not me. I am obsessed with them. 0314a


MerryBelle is almost as obsessed as me but she’s still shy around mom so as long as mom isn’t looking, she’s staring with me!0314b


MerryBelle looks like she’s telling mom, “Turn around so I can watch the birdies!”0314c


kitten in box of clover

Bird Watching Friday Fill-Ins!

Friday Fill-In Time!!!!  My answers are in Orange and BobbieSue’s are in Blue!

0310a1. I hope Bird TV gets renewed for another season. Don’t worry – I’m sure it will!


0310b2. My first crush was  and still is Millie. Mine is Penny.


0310c3. Mable & Matilda eating usually makes me batcr*p crazy. I just wish I could get to them.  Their constant chatter usually makes me sleepy. You’re weird, Toby.


0310d4. If I were a super-hero, I would be Bird-Girl and I’d be an Anti-Super-Hero and I would be able to fly and chase birds and eat them! and harass them and… Enough, BobbieSue! It’s my turn. If I were a super-hero I would be SupermanCat and I would fly up to my sweet Penny and bring her back here to live with me and we could watch Bird TV together.


ellen_cat_badge_2-1 Go Here for more Fill-in Fun!!!!