I can fit in this box!

Hello friends!

Miss Ellen sent my mom a box of goodies for her crafting (yes she sent a catnip treat for us kitties, too) and I just KNEW I could fit in the box.


Even though mom laughed at me, I’m not mad at her. All in all she’s a nice mom! Well, see you next time!!

toby-in-the-box This has been a Toby-in-the-Box Production!


I’ve been asleep for two days! Well, not really. My typist/mom has. No that’s not right either. She had family time Saturday and rested Sunday so finally she got back to the computer so I can say “Hi!” to all my friends!

toby-b Hi!

001 I found a cool box!

002 Hope you don’t mind if I keep it!

006 it’s the perfect size for bathing!

008 and falling asleep in…..

009 (Yawn) see you tomorrow!



Mom’s new project

005-2Mom has a new project that involves this thing.

006 I don’t care about the thing. I care about the box.

009-2 Let me try it out!

011 Thanks for putting it on the floor, mom. Let me see if I can fit inside!

015 Nope, I don’t think so. Maybe BobbieSue can.

018She gave up pretty quickly. I did too. It smelled funny inside.

161 Whew! that was exhausting work!! (Mom talks about her new project over at her art blog!)


 I’ll s(l)ee(p) you tomorrow!!!

Love, Toby




I’m just box-laxin’ after spending 20 minutes playing with the new toys mom bought for us!! Thanks, mom for the box and the toys!!



a2 white icon w toby

What’s in the big red box?

So mom has been going through this decluttering and inventorying thing and she has been going through her stuff (boy, you humans sure collect a lot of junk!!), organizing some stuff, get rid of the rest. Anyway she had this big red box that I was just dying to get inside. Here’s what happened…oh and because mom is keeping ‘Doggie’ in the title, I’ve included a dawg.  Purringly yours, Toby



So, MOM! What’s in this box? Huh? Treats for me? Toys?


I don’t care what you say – I’m going to get inside to find out!!


Ha!! I’m inside and what do I find???


Can you believe it??? NOTHING! She hadn’t put anything in it yet!!


I’m outta here! See if I snuggle with you tonight!!!


The obligatory dawg…Buddy…he’s really big!!


a2 white icon w toby