Straw Hat Selfie Day!!

How nice to combine Straw Hat Day with Sunday Selfies! However, since I was forced volunteered to be a chicken yesterday I absolutely refused to wear a straw hat today – even if it is only virtual!! Besides, how else can my sweetheart, Penny, enjoy all my yummy handsomeness with a sombrero on!!051516a


Simon wanted to look extra special for Joanie so he’s wearing a bow tie, too!051516b


BobbieSue picked out a pretty blue straw hat to look pretty for Millie.051516c


Poor Jack – at least he thinks he’s “Poor Jack.” He’s still getting used to being an indoor only cat and his selfie shows him in what he calls “kitty jail.”  Actually its pretty nice – on pleasant days he gets to stay in an enclosed porch right next to the canal where he lives. We’re glad he’s an indoor only cat – there’s all sorts of trouble he could get into living next to a canal – the least of which is falling in!!!051516d

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Super Cats to the rescue!!

Today is Free Comic Book Day – a day basically for comic book stores to sell more comic books after drawing customers in with a free one – but we couldn’t resist the cool badge so we made it a theme for today’s Caturday Art!!!

Free-Comic-Book-Day-1st-Saturday-in-May-768x384comic book 1comic book 2comic book 3

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Tomorrow we will have a special Mother’s Day post to honor Ali, the mom of our cousins Frankie and Moose. It is the story of how they came into my Granmama’s life and how Ali sacrificed for them.

Mothers Day 5.8.2016


We are purring and praying for  Melita who is feeling poorly. . .

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Purring and praying for family of Bennette, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge. . .

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Purring and Praying for Dragon, who crossed The Rainbow Bridge. . .

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Caturday Art Bonus Post

simon green eyesFinally! Toby’s been on the computer for hours doing his post and now finally I can post mine!!!

I’ve got Caturday Art for you and a couple of blog hop links!! Bobbie Sue will be doing Sunday Selfies tomorrow!  Have a wonderful Caturday!!

And even though it is cold here in Virginia, we are still celebrating spring!!

caturday 040916a

caturday 040916b

caturday 040916c

Caturday Art


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Alligator, Angora, & Afghan

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A is for Alligator, Angora, and Afghan

our presidentsJohn Quincy Adams (1825-1829), Herbert Hoover (1929-1933), William McKinley (1897-1901), and Jimmy Carter (1977-1981)


President John Quincy Adams played host to an alligator for two months during 1825.  Revolutionary War hero, the Marquis de Lafayette, toured America in 1824-1825. During that tour he was gifted with an alligator and while in Washington, President Adams housed it for the Marquis in the unfinished East Room of the White House as well as in its bathtub!

President Herbert Hoover’s young son, Allan, had two alligators in the early 1930s. Since they roamed the WH grounds, I’m sure they kept the crazies away!

alligator jqadams and hhoover


President William McKinley had two Angora cats while in office. They were named  Valerino Weyler (after the governor of Cuba) and Enrique DeLome (after the Spanish ambassador). This is a vintage representative photo.

enrique delome  mckinley

Afghan Hound

President Jimmy Carter had an Afghan Hound named Louis Brown. He did live at the WH but apparently no photographs could be found by any of my sources. Of course, this was before the internet but not cameras so I don’t know how such a beautiful dog could escape media attention.  In fact only one source mentioned him and the only thing they said was he was blonde/brown in color!! (Representative photo.)afghan hound lewis brown  j carter

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One more day to go!!!


A2Z-BADGE [2016]One more day to go! I’ve done my reading, researching and scanning! I’m ready to go – so I’m resting up until tomorrow when the Blogging A to Z Challenge begins!! My regular posts will go on hiatus during April – but I’ll be giving Simon and BobbieSue control over Sunday Selfies so you’ll still see them. Also, there are a few Special Days they’ll be in charge of posting. We’ll all come back together in May! See you tomorrow for your first lesson in Presidential Pets!!



jaffa come home

Please pray for  Jaffa – he is missing from his home and his cat, dog and human family miss him. Please click on the link below for more information.