Tuxie Tuesday & News Worthy!

reporter-bobbiesue-small BobbieSue reporting for WTWC news… it’s been a while since my last report but I found an excellent story to share with all of you. 

The local newspaper, the Virginian-Pilot reported on Jan 14, 2017 that the Virginia Beach SPCA received 5 dogs from South Korea.


Leo, a mixed breed puppy

The Humane Society International rescued 200 dogs from a farm in South Korea where dogs are butchered and sold for human consumption (OMC!!!) The HSI has been fighting the dog meat trade and since January 2015 they have rescued 770 dogs.


 Faith, a Korean Jindo mix

To prevent the farmers from just setting up another dog farm, the HSI helps the farmers transition to another type of farming or help them find a new career. It’s a drop in the bucket considering an estimated 2 million dogs are slaughtered and eaten each year in South Korea; but it matters to those 770 rescued dogs and their forever families. The dogs are raised in cages (like puppy mills) and are traumatized when rescued.


Sundance, a mixed breed, reacts to being on the ground for the first time in his life

The 5 dogs that came to Virginia Beach SPCA will live with foster families until they are rehabilitated and ready for adoption. No more cages for these guys!!!


Leo, a Korean Jindo mix enjoys his first taste of outdoors

Ten other shelters around the country also received rescued dogs. This latest rescue was due to the farmer’s daughter urging her father to get out of the dog meat business. While we celebrate these dog’s new life, we also will be praying for those dogs still in cages. 

026 I hope you enjoyed this story. It’s a mix of happiness and sadness but it is important to bring to the forefront things we don’t normally talk about. That’s the only way change will happen.  

BobbieSue reporting for WTWC News!!


It’s national Mutt Day!!

It’s National Mutt Day and even though I’m not a mutt, I do feel for my fellow K-9s. Help a dog out and adopt one of us from a shelter!! Go HERE for more info! Thank you to nationalmuttday.com for the above photo! I thought the puppy was too cute not to share!! Barkingly yours, LadyBird

I want some chicken!

 Please ADOPT – don’t shop!!