What’s in the big red box?

So mom has been going through this decluttering and inventorying thing and she has been going through her stuff (boy, you humans sure collect a lot of junk!!), organizing some stuff, get rid of the rest. Anyway she had this big red box that I was just dying to get inside. Here’s what happened…oh and because mom is keeping ‘Doggie’ in the title, I’ve included a dawg.  Purringly yours, Toby



So, MOM! What’s in this box? Huh? Treats for me? Toys?


I don’t care what you say – I’m going to get inside to find out!!


Ha!! I’m inside and what do I find???


Can you believe it??? NOTHING! She hadn’t put anything in it yet!!


I’m outta here! See if I snuggle with you tonight!!!


The obligatory dawg…Buddy…he’s really big!!


a2 white icon w toby


Warning: tears on the way

We are rapidly coming up to the end of the year – the time when most, if not all, humans review the previous year, sometimes with joy, sometimes with tears. I’m going to post a brief retrospective tomorrow night on my fursister, LadyBird. I’m sure my humom/typist will be shedding a few tears while taking dictation. I don’t want to make anyone sad but I am learning that part of the healing process is to talk about what has you so grieved. So, just wanted to warn you, you may want to skip tomorrow’s post. 😦 Toby

LadyBird & Toby 121815

This is our last photo together, taken the day before she left us. LadyBird looks tired, doesn’t she?  Even though we weren’t the best of friends I sure love and miss that smelly little dawg.


Thank you Ann of Zooaltry for this beautiful badge


I’m in a stocking!!!

One of the blogs my mom follows is The Storyteller’s Abode. The author is very talented – she writes, takes photos and draws!!! She is running a series of Christmas Coloring Pictures for anyone to download to color in. Mom has been coloring them in using PicMonkey and she liked the stocking one so much, she made one PINK and put me in it!!! Be sure to click on the link above so you too can download some coloring pictures!!! Happy Season’s Christmas Greetings!!! LadyBird

stocking-colouring-picture3 pinkchristmas

Sunday Selfies!!!

Thank you to everyone for all your ChrissyMouse Cards!! We love them. You are all so kind and we hope Santa is super good to you this year with lots of catnip and doggie bones!!!!  Enjoy our selfies, Love LadyBird & Toby

I took my selfie at my Granmama's last night, but I made the mistake of having the camera too far away!!!

I took my selfie at my Granmama’s last night, but I made the mistake of having the camera too far away!!!


Mine is perfect because I have a photo of Penny on the screen behind me!!!

Mine is perfect because I have a photo of Penny on the screen behind me!!!


christmas Sunday Selfies Blog Hop!!!!

Caturday Art

Hey everybody! I’m feeling better – my most recent owie seems to be healing nicely, which is good because I sure am tired of being turned on my back while mom cleans my belly, puts some gooey stuff on it and puts an eye-dropper full of weird stuff in my mouth. I’m posting my Caturday art today ’cause we’re GOING TO SEE SANTA TOMORROW!!!!! I can’t wait!! I’ll let you know what happens on Sunday!!!  Barkingly yours, LadyBird

PS. Mom called PetSmart to make sure Santa was going to be there – turns out Santa will only be visiting by way of an I-Pad – whatever that is. So, it looks like it will be NEXT WEEK before we see Santa. We’re going back to Pet Supplies Plus like last year!  Oh well, I can wait a little while longer., Love Toby (pawkisses to Penny)

caturday 121215

I thought I saw Santa Claus!!!!!

I thought I saw Santa Claus!!!!!

  Caturday Art with Athena and Marie – It’s a Blog Hop!!