Caturday art with PeggySue & Dreamscope!!

Here’s the original blurry photo – 0325


This filter is called 1890. 1890 peggysue 0325b


I really like this one – it’s called Ka-Pow!ka-pow! peggysue 0325c


And this one is kind of harvest-y. Its called Pollack 3. I like it because you can still tell I’m me!!pollock 3 peggysue 0325a


That’s all we have for you today! Maybe next week mom will do some art of her own instead of relying on an automated program – even if it is really cool!!

Enjoy your Saturday!!


Caturday Art with Dreamscope!

I’ve got some new filters to show you! Enjoy!!!

This one is called Absinthe – after the green liquor I’m guessing. absinthe toby 0318c

This one is easy – its Scarlet – no, not from GWTW, the color!scarlet toby 0318a

And finally, this is filter is Van Gogh, either 2 or 3van gogh 2 toby 0318b


And this is the original photo. Are you getting tired of seeing me in sunglasses? I am. But mom took a ton of them and she’s not one to let a photograph go to waste, so you’ll be seeing more of them until she’s posted them all in one form or another!!0318



Toby, Dreamscope style

cartoon toby 0311aThis is the Cartoon filter – looks sort of like stained glass.


yosemite toby0311bThis one is called Yosemite. I look like a paint-by-number!


the hare toby 0311cThis one is called The Hare and it’s mine and mom’s favorite.


0311 And this is the original photo – me with my sweet Penny’s Valentine’s Day card.



Time for Caturday Art!!!!

Here’s me – all normal and stuff . . 031316a

Here’s me Dreamscoped/Tropical Lilac-ed . . . 031316b

Here’s me Dreamscoped/Belgium Citrodelicified031316c

I was also Dreamscope/Nutified – but mom posted that on her Facebook page.

It’s Caturday Art Blog Hop time: Click on the image or on these words to see more fabulous caturday art – it’s just not for cats anymore!!!  Caturday Art


St. Patrick’s Day is almost here – are you ready to get your GREEN on?ar123683506671813

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