I am a natural, if reluctant, model

Tonight I thought I would share with you the out-takes of my St. Patty’s Day photo shoot.  If you don’t remember what it looked like, here it is: 

I look great, don’t I?  Well it wasn’t easy. No, I’m not talking about the work mom put into it greening it up. I’m talking about the work I put in to posing.

First mom had a friend hold me so I could pose.  I didn’t like that at all.

What am I, a doll?

What am I, a doll?

You do realize I can stand on my own?

You do realize I can stand on my own?

Then when I could finally stand on my own 4 feet, I wasn’t in the mood to pose. But finally I relented and held the pose you see on my St Pat’s greeting. I could take a beautiful photo anytime I want to; but I think it’s fun to make mom work for it!


If I have to pose with this crazy bow tie, I guess I can.


I am so bored!


Almost there, but not quite.



I love the cold sunshine!

The weather here in Virginia is crazy! Two days ago it was 49 degrees outside, then yesterday it snowed and today it is 18 degrees (but sunny!). I think I much prefer Georgia weather to this Virginia rollercoaster ride!enjoying the sun Anyway when we were outside the other day, both Toby and I enjoyed the sun so much – it was so bright we had to keep our eyes closed.enjoying the sun2 After awhile of absorbing the sun’s warm rays, Toby got down from his perch and started following a scent.


cold sun 2


I went over to join him and but I couldn’t figure out what it was. It just sort of stopped at the steps. smellsThen Toby sniffed me and said it was me! He said I smelled like a dog and needed a bath. My mom keeps telling me the same thing and I have this feeling that since we are going to the Pet Expo tomorrow, she is going to give me a bath. I’ll do my best to hide from her tonight!its you

fancy dress2In other news, here is part of my costume for the doggy fashion show. Mom just has to put the wings on and I’ll be all set to go! Wish me luck! I’ll be writing a couple of posts about the Expo next week so I will let you know what happens.

snack2Until then, I am Barkingly yours, LadyBird

Brrr! It’s cold in Virginia!

Happy New Year, folks! Well, almost – the new year is right around the corner and I have a whole new home and state to get used to! Do you know that it was 61 degrees in my old home of Georgia today? And what is the temperature in my new Virginia home? 41 degrees. That’s 20 degrees colder if you are math-challenged. A little cold for my little body and thin fur. 

After I moved up here and it got to close to 40 degrees, mom started worrying about whether I was warm or not. Hint: I was NOT! Being a cat keeper she didn’t have any experience with dog clothes so she went out and got me a onesie. That’s right, I said a onesie!

What am I, a 3 month-old infant?

What am I, a 3 month-old infant?

She cut the bottom out, and put it on me. I wasn’t too sure about it. It was kind of strange at first; I can’t remember ever wearing any clothes before but it did keep the chill off a bit when we went outside.

But there was a problem.

Do you see the problem? It's too big around the neck.

Do you see the problem? It’s too big around the neck.

Yep, as you can see from the photo, it was a bit too big around my neck and chest (I didn’t know infants had such big heads!). In fact one night when we were outside, I walked myself right out of it. So mom moved on to something else.

One of Granmama’s singing friends gave her a pretty coat for me to wear.

You may address me as Lady Bird Grey, Queen of the House!

You may address me as Lady Bird Grey, Queen of the House!

The coat is grey on one side and on the other side it is pink! I like the pink side best!

The pink really brings out the color in my nose, don't you think?

The pink really brings out the color in my nose, don’t you think?

This one is the easiest to get on and off and it is the one we use when I go outside to do my business. 

Then Granmama gave me my favorite one – it is black and white stripes with white sparkles in it!

I'm showing you my best side.

I’m showing you my best side.

I wear it every time we go to her house and when we go visiting. It is a bit harder to get on and off but I love it. The sweater is very warm. Thank you Granmama! I love you too!

Now mom has this idea she is going to make me some dog sweaters. I don’t know about that. I hope she isn’t going to make me be one of those dogs who wears fancy dress clothes because I might have to put my foot down about that! 

See ya’ll next time! Bye!

Let's go mom! I'm dressed and ready to travel!

Let’s go mom! I’m dressed and ready to travel!


To collar or not to collar?

When I lived in Georgia, I had a huge backyard to explore. We lived in the country with only a few houses for miles around. When I wanted to go outside I just scratched on the door and dad would let me outside. I would wander around, do my business and then sit in my bed on the deck until I was ready to go back inside. When I was ready, I would just scratch on the door, and dad open it. I never wore a collar or went anywhere on a leash. 

But when my new mom brought me home, she apologized to me and said “I don’t trust you because you won’t come when I call so you have to where a harness and be on a leash.” Well, I can tell you I was not happy about that! I hated being tied down.

lady blog 2a The first harness I had to suffer the indignity of wearing was my new sister BobbieSue’s harness. In addition to it being so annoying, it had cats on it! Oh! Don’t I look miserable?

Then mom got me an actual dog collar. This one was bigger, red and lady blog 2dfor dogs. But that didn’t make me like it any better. I hated it so much and I tried to get out of it as often as I could. Mom made we wear it all the time!She said it was the only way she could keep me safe when we went outside and I needed to get used to it so stop whining about it! Then one day she came home from work and had to cut if off of me! I had tried really hard to get it off of me and had twisted it around my leg and foot. At first she tried to loosen it to remove it but it was so tight and it hurt so she took these big scissors and cut it off!lady blog g

I was finally free again!And I loved it. I had won the collar wars! Free to be me! Or, so I thought.  Imagine my surprise when…


Mom went to the store the very next day and bought me a dog collar (sigh!). At least it’s red and has dog paws on it. We’re still using BobbieSue’s leash (it matches her harness) but I lady blog 2hguess I just have to resign myself to being a regular dog-collar wearing dog. So Sad. I so miss the freedom of not being tied down.

I still look a little sad in this photo, but it was taken right after she put the new collar on me. Maybe one day I will be able to run free and leashless. I know mom has a backyard but she won’t let me loose in it. She said she would once I got used to living in my new home. I think she’s afraid I will run away and try to find my way back to Georgia. I could do it if I tried. I really could. If I wanted to! But it’s cold here in Virginia so maybe I will wait until Spring!