and then there were 3!

Guess What?! The Crew and I wish to welcome to our family—-Angel!!0702 and then there were 3cAngel is the third girlbird of our flock! She’s the lowest one on the branch. 


0702 and then there were 3dShe is the sister of Mabel and Matilda and joined us on Thursday. Mom was going to call her Maybelline or Maude but her former caretaker said her name was Angel.


0702 and then there were 3bHere’s a better picture of her – she’s a little roughed up because her other brothers and sisters were picking on her because her wings are messed up (sort of like Mabel’s) and has trouble flying.


0702 and then there were 3aSo we have added her to our refuge of safety and she’ll be back to her sleek prettiness like her new roommates before long! And, because I know you’re wondering – there were some initial squabbles, but all three girlbirds settled down just fine!

fun-with-mable-and-matilda and angel

Tuxie Tuesday with the Sues!

While PeggySue was sacked out on a basket of plastic bags…0606e


I was watching Mable & Matilda. Can you see Mabel looking at me as I am looking at her?0606a


Here’s where I showed her my teeth.0606b


And here’s where I showed her that I CAN fit her inside my mouth if given half-a-chance!0606c


What? No, mom. I didn’t threaten Maude and Matilda with my teeth. I am totally innocent of any wayward thoughts when it comes to the bird girls.  😉


See you next time on Tuxie Tuesday when I’ll demonstrate my jaw strength!!!

Love, BobbieSue


M&M have a new home!

One of the things I did while no blogging was give Mabel and Matilda a new home!!066

Mom picked it up a while ago but didn’t feel like helping me move the bird-girls until last week. It’s a smashing new home, don’t you think!! Lot’s of perches and toys from PetSmart and lots of room to fly in. It’s so big, mom is thinking about bringing another bird-girl home from Granmama’s! I’ve already picked out a name!!! I hope so!!!

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the old and new cages. The new cage takes up the whole top of the book shelf! The downside is there’s no room for me to sit right next to them!

Don’t worry, I was very gentle when I moved the girls over – no fangs!!!067

They survived the move well – and guess what – can you see – that’s Mabel in the back (higher on the perch) – she has tail feathers!!!! She’s only recently grown them so I’m hoping she’ll be able to fly soon!

Now, as for me, I’m off for another nap!!! See you soon! Love, Toby069

Friendly Friday Fill-ins!!!

It’s Friday again!! Yay!!! that means more cuddle time with mom!!!

Mom and I will be answering today – my answers in orange, mom’s are in blue!

0313a1. The first thing I think about in the morning is when will mom wake up. Of course, I help her wake up if she needs it. For me the first thing I think every morning is “Thank you, God, for this day.” I am working on being more grateful for my life as it is right now–not what I wish it was.

2. The last thing I think about before sleep is how much I love my mom. The last thing I think before I sleep is, “Thank you, God, for this day.” I’m also working on being thankful for each day regardless of what happened. Some days it’s harder to be thankful than others. 🙂 


3. I am looking forward to getting this A-to-Z Blogging Challenge going! I’m looking forward to Easter Sunday and a wonderful family brunch!!


0226c4. I am so pleased mom brought home some new entertainment. I could watch Mabel and Matilda for hours.  Wait! I do that already! I am so pleased Mabel and Matilda are a part of the family and they have settled in very well and are not freaking out nearly as much with feline eyes staring at them all the time!!

So tomorrow begins A-to-Z!! Topic: Amazing, Brave, Cute, Dapper, Extraordinary, Fantastic, Great, Heroic, Incredible, Jolting , Keen, Lofty, Marvelous, Noteworthy, Out-of-the-Ordinary, Phenomenal, Quick, Remarkable, Surprising, Thrilling, Unbelievable, Vast, Wonderful, X-tra special, Yowza, Zippy pets!!!!

2017 a to z badgeI hope you like the posts!!!!

ellen_cat_badge_2-1 go HERE for more Friday Fill-in Fun!!