Puttin’ th’ Dawg back in DoggieCaperz

031716cWhen this blog first started, it belonged to LadyBird; then when she got sick I took over for a while, then we shared for a while and the she crossed the Bridge so then it became all mine. However, ‘Doggie’ remains in the title because mom is hoping one day (soon) to bring a new doggie into our lives again. So every once in a while I feel obligated to post photos of dawgs. So here you are. Dawgs. Smelly, slobbery, annoying dawgs.


First up, cousin Buddy. He’s lives with Granmama, although, he has come to stay with us once before when Gran ran  away from home.Thank goodness she came back and took him home!! We have a small place and he is HUGE!!031716a

This dawg seems to be saying “Whoa! I’m not a bicycle! Where is my dad?” His dad was inside the 7-11 where mom had just left. Mom stuck around long enough to make sure he wasn’t abandoned. Which is good he wasn’t ’cause I don’t know if he would get along with us cats.031716b

And finally, cousin Tripp who lives in California. He looks like he had some fun on the beach in this photo!!IMG_1859

See you tomorrow for

What’s in the big red box?

So mom has been going through this decluttering and inventorying thing and she has been going through her stuff (boy, you humans sure collect a lot of junk!!), organizing some stuff, get rid of the rest. Anyway she had this big red box that I was just dying to get inside. Here’s what happened…oh and because mom is keeping ‘Doggie’ in the title, I’ve included a dawg.  Purringly yours, Toby



So, MOM! What’s in this box? Huh? Treats for me? Toys?


I don’t care what you say – I’m going to get inside to find out!!


Ha!! I’m inside and what do I find???


Can you believe it??? NOTHING! She hadn’t put anything in it yet!!


I’m outta here! See if I snuggle with you tonight!!!


The obligatory dawg…Buddy…he’s really big!!


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