Wednesday with Jack

Am I reaching for the knife? If so, what do you think I’m going to do with it? Bwaahaha!0503cropped

Toby and the rest of the Wrecking Crew sent along a catnip egg to me for Easter. Hmmm, it smells yummy!0503a

Get away from my eggs – this isn’t the egg you’re looking for!0503b

Ahhhh! that feels good! 0503d

That’s all from Currituck County, North Carolina!!! Thanks, Toby for letting me do a post today!! I’ll see you all real soon! I promise!!!

Keeping my mom’s neighborhood safe, 



V is for …

0426 aHappy Wednesday everyone! Because today’s letter is “V” Toby called me up and asked if I would mind hosting today’s post. Of course, I said “Yes!” So today “V” is for Vashka.
There’s not a lot of information on Vashka. She was supposedly a Russian Blue who belonged to Tsar Nicholas I of Russia. That’s it. That’s all I have!

Russian blues were first called the Archangel cat because tradition holds that sailors first brought the cats to Western Europe in the 1860s from the Russian port of Archangelsk on the White Sea. “Many believe the Russian Blue is a natural breed originating from the Archangel Isles in northern Russia, where the long winters developed a cat with a dense, plush coat. Rumors also abound that the Russian Blue breed descended from the cats kept by the Russian Czars. Assuming the Russian Blue did migrate from northern Russia, it was likely via ship to Great Britain and northern Europe in the mid 1860s.” (The Cat Fanciers’ Association. 11 October 2013.)

0426 Nyan cat meme The cat icon Nyan was named after a Russian blue owned by the artist.

0426 Two Lumps Two Lumps comic strip has cats that are Russian Blues.

0426 bOf course, you can figure out why Toby asked me to host today – I’m not a Russian Blue, but I can pretend!! Tomorrow is “W” day and Toby will be back. Maybe I’ll see you again sometime!

Love and Archangel kisses, Jack

The Way Kitties Relax

Here is a photo expose’ on different way kitties relax…please ignore the background – mom was in the middle of her crayon project with crap everywhere. It’s all cleaned up now!  0126a

First there’s Jack, who was chillin’ after helping his mom put up the Christmas tree. It was exhausting work obviously!0126b

Then here’s Jack again sleeping in his dad’s chair – which he only does after his dad goes to bed. Jack’s dad doesn’t like him in his chair. It’s a male territorial thing I guess.0126c-bad-boy-jack

Here’s crazy Simon, all crammed up inside a box. Can’t blame him though; if he wasn’t there it would be me!008

Okay, all this relaxing talk has made me sleepy. I’ll see you tomorrow for Friendly Friday Fill-ins!!!0126d


Sunday Selfies with guests!

The first selfie is my cousin Moose who lives with Granmama. He’s more interested in his food than in taking a selfie.selfie-0122


My second guest is my cousin Jack who lives with my Auntie and Uncle. He woke up from his nap long enough to snap a selfie. He was tired after helping him mom put away the Christmas decorations.selfie-0122b

And here’s my selfie. You can see it had been one of those days.  And yes, mom still has both Christmas trees up. The decorations are packed away but she likes the colorful trees.selfie-0122c


catonmyhead2-200x300 Thanks Kitty’s Blue for hosting!!!

Don’t mess with our boxes!

I like this box! It’s nice and roomy.041

What? You pack Christmas stuff in it? Well, it’s not time to pack Christmas away yet – so leave me alone!! I’ll let you have it back after 12th Night.044

Here’s my Cousin Jack. His mom got him an extra nice box from I wonder why mom doesn’t get me one?033

A toby-in-the-box Production