belated Valentines!

I just don’t know what to do with my mom. She forgot all about showing the gorgeous Valentines our sweethearts sent us!! And then she forgot to get photos of all of us (not me, of course) with the Valentines. Bad momma! We are so sorry Penny, Joanie, Millie and Jinx for not showing off our cards sooner. Blame it on mom. 

Look at these beautiful cards!! We also got signature Miss Ellen catnip toys and Miss Ellen sent mom some socks (mom loves colorful socks!). Miss Ellen also thought about MerryBelle and sent her a card so she wouldn’t feel left out. 0221a


Simon is diggin’ on the catnip toys!0221b


PeggySue loves the card Jinx sent her.0221b


And I absolutely ADORE the card by beloved Penny sent me! Isn’t it just the most wonderful one?!0221c


We also went to a Valentines’ Dance with our sweethearts sponsored by  Madi & Mom. We had one wild and crazy time!!!! Thank you Penny, Joanie, Millie and Jinx for inviting us!!

So that’s the end of our belated Valentine’s post! Maybe next year our secretary/mom will be on time!!!



Christmas Presents!

009We had two presents under the tree this year to unwrap. We have our Secret Santa which I will tell you about tomorrow and we had presents from Miss Ellen (!!  We LOVE Miss Ellen! 


1227b First off, PeggySue got into the package before anybody else did and not only did she mix up some tags but she made off with some of the more ‘fragrant’ presents!!


1227c Here’s the loot! So many wonderful things!!!! We can’t wait to play with the treat ball!!!


1227d PeggySue loved her pretty metallic fish.


1227e BobbieSue says “Thank you” to Millie for the gorgeous silver sparkle mouse. She ran off with it right away and mom had to chase after her to get this picture. She also says thank you for MerryBelle for her catnip toy as well (which, if you remember the small Santa Hat cave? MerryBelle is the right size and she loves it. Now if mom can just get a photo of her in it!)


1227f Simon says “Thank you” to Joanie for his present – but PeggySue mixed up the labels so he’s not sure if it was the stocking or the blue candy but he loves them both!!!


1227g  And I want to say “Thank you” to my Lady Love Penny for my wonderful stuffed moose!!! This isn’t a good photo of it but I will get another one tonight to show how wonderful he is. Mom already told me I can’t tear him up ’cause he’s too cute. 


1227h Miss Ellen sent me some socks, too! What? They’re not my socks? But they have kitties and books on them – OHHHH! They’re moms’! Well they are a little big for me. I guess mom can have them.

1227i Mom says “Thank you” to Miss Ellen for her socks and all out presents. We love you!!!

Tomorrow we’ll share our goodies from our Secret Paw!!! 2016-secret-paws-badge

Thankful Thursday

It’s Thankful Thursday and even though we are without the internet and cable, we are thankful that Mr. Hurricane Matthew did not hurt our city as bad as he did other cities. We are also thankful for:

our friends – (including the ones not pictured here!)

and each other:


Happy Day!!! See you soon!!!

Simon Says: Happy Birthday!

0913b It’s my turn to post!!

Today is the birthday of my Lady Love, Joanie!!! Here is a special card I made for her:joanies-birthday

I’ve had a copy of the card to mail to you –  I’m sorry it’s late in the mail – I kept reminding mom to drop it by the post office but she’s so forgetful.

It’s also Sammy’s Birthday, too!! So, of course, we made him a card, too!hb-sammy


And since this post is all about our friends over at 15 and Meowing, this is a special addition from mom – Last spring Miss Ellen brought a new cat-baby home named Brody and he was scared to death! So we posted a purrs and prayers announcement:brody-healing-of-his-spirit You could just see the fear on his face.

Well yesterday Miss Ellen posted a new photo of Brody dressed as a pirate and the look on his face is priceless – pure happiness! brody-so-happyMom said she just had to show a before and after photo of the handsome boy! It’s amazing what prayers will do!

That’s all for today, Toby will be back tomorrow!!

We love our friends!

pb dayMiss Ellen sent us a present!! She sent us some nip toys, which are currently missing because PeggySue made off with them. I suspect we’ll find them when mom vacuums tomorrow and she has to pick up all our toys – the loud monster loves to eat that kind of stuff!!


Here is our card – she says it looks like me as a kitten!!ellen card

We also received a beautiful work of button art by Miss Ellen herself!ellen button cat

And to make her gift EXTRA special, Simon and I received new photos of our lady-cat-loves!!!

Here is my precious Penny – ellen pennyIsn’t she just gorgeous!!!

And here’s Simon’s beautiful girl, Joanie –ellen joanieShe looks so comfy laying in her ‘bowl of cherries’!!

Thank you Miss Ellen for your love!!!

Today I went on a drive with none other than the fabulous Miss Nellie!!! In her pink VW!! Miss Nellie was a busy lady-cat today with other man-cats, too! She spreads her affection around and we all love her for it!! This is the picture she made of us, but mom enhanced it a bit. Go HERE to visit Miss Nellie to see the road trip with her man-cats!nellie and toby

_Birthday_cake.svg.hiWe want to wish our friends Astrid and Lisbeth a very Happy Birthday!! Go HERE to wish them Happy Birthday!!

We had a great time at Marley’s birthday party! Go HERE to see all the fun!

There are many more events in our friends lives that we’ve missed – but never fear because WE LOVE OUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!!