We went to a dance!!

We went to Blogville’s Summer Dance! It was a big one  – there were 56 attendees!! Of course, we brought our sweethearts with us!! Here we are dancing!!!

Toby and Pennymillie and bobbiesueSimon and Joanie

Millie and Simon look great in their tuxedos! But I’m more comfortable in my shorts and Tee!! The girls, of course, all look fabulous!!

BadgeThanks to Christmas for hosting the summer dance!! You can see all the other attendees by clicking on his badge and or clicking on PawProvince.com. We had a great time and are looking forward to next year!!

summer dance

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Sweets for our Sweets!!

It’s National Sugar Cookie day!! I told mom I wanted to send some sugar cookies to my SWEETheart, Penny and she said okay!!!sugar cookie penny


Simon sends cookies to his SWEETheart, Joanie, too!! He loves the wink she’s giving him!sugar cookie joanie


BobbieSue sends cookies to her LOVE, Millie. She loves how his white fur compliments her white fur!!sugar cookie millie


PeggySue wanted to send cookies to someone but mom said she’s too young for a boyfriend so she has to wait and share her cookies with MerryBelle!! Since we had so many cookies left over, we called Cousin Jack to come over and share them!!sugar cookies


Happy Caturday Everyone!!!




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happy cat

Let’s all go down to Mel’s Diner!!

So you know I went fishing the other day…well, I heard through the blog-vine that my Beloved Penny was not happy with me!!! She wanted to know, “Why didn’t I take her fishing?” Well, I felt really bad and at first I thought I would take her fishing this weekend – but then I thought – she might be really mad at me and I better not wait that long to make it up to her!! (You know what humans say – ‘happy wife, happy life!’) So I decided I would take her out today!! No sense on letting the sun go down on her anger!!!

In honor of National Vanilla Milkshake Day – we went to Mel’s Diner and had some handmade vanilla milkshakes!!vanilla milkshake day Penny Toby

Now, in an effort to make up with my Sweet Penny, I also invited her sister Joanie and and brother Millie to come along with us!  And, of course since I invited them along, they didn’t want be alone, so Simon and BobbieSue came along as well! They had ice cream sodas because its also National Ice Cream Soda Day! soda float day simon joanie


soda float day bobbiesue millie

Well, we all had a great time but I still want some alone time with my Beloved so I’ll be planning something special soon!!

I hope everybody has a great rest of the day! I know my day is much better because My Sweet Penny loves me again!!!


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Are you ready to do the Chicken Dance??

Yippee!! Today is National Dance Like a Chicken Day!!!


No! not like this chicken!!!chicken dance


Like this chicken ME! – You know – it’s the silly dance you humans do at weddings!!051416a


If you don’t know how, here some instructions!chicken_dance_illustration


I don’t have the fancy blog site so I can’t embed a video but I can give you a link to a YouTube video that will show you how!!


Simon wasn’t happy that I didn’t even mention him yesterday on Friday 13th, black cats being bad good luck and all. So I made up for it by showing him here with Joanie as she paints a wall. He’s under the ladder to show that superstitions about black cats (and ladders and Friday the 13th) are silly. Careful with that paint, Joanie!!



We’re Blog Hopping Today!!


CaturdayArt1BlogHopButton150x150_zpsbe54d2dc Athena’s Caturday Art!

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See you tomorrow with Sunday Selfie Blog Hop where I can promise selfies of Simon, BobbieSue,and Jack (in kitty jail!). If I can find MerryBelle I’ll try to get a picture of her, too!  Have a great Saturday!012

It’s Cinco de Astronauts Day!

It was really hard to decide which day to celebrate – Cinco de Mayo or National Astronauts Day? We all decided to go our separate ways!

BobbieSue and Millie are in space to honor our amazing heroes, those men and women who soar into the heavens and who “Go Boldly where no one has gone before!”bobbiesue and millie in space


Simon and Joanie headed to the desert to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!simon and joanie cinco de mayo


Toby and Penny couldn’t decide which to celebrate – so they are celebrating both!!Penny and Toby space Cinco


NatlAstronautDay 5.5.2016a  Cinco de Mayo 5.5.2016


It’s also National Prayer Day so we are asking for Purrs and Prayers for all those on our Prayer List.

Purrs and Prayers for CJ Badge CJ is the newest one on the list – please go HERE if you would like to leave your good thoughts and wishes for her.




Please go HERE to read The President’s Proclamation of the National Day of Prayer.

“As a Nation free to practice our faith as we choose, we must remember those around the world who are not afforded this freedom, and we must recommit to building a society where all can enjoy this liberty and live their lives in peace and dignity.”

And we are including all animals, that regardless of their species, may live their lives in peace and dignity.