Friday Fill-in Fun!

Hey folks! its Friday Fill-in Fun!!! Thank you Miss Ellen and Miss McGuffy for hosting and coming up with the questions! As usual, mine are in orange and mom’s are in pink!  We hope you have a great Friday!!!!

1. A law I would like to see passed is every Friday would be Treat Day!! cartoon-cat-eating2 I would like to make spaying and neutering of dogs and cats compulsory; a special license would be required to own intact animals and it would require an application for each animal kept intact and the license must be renewed every 2 years. Also, because altering would be compulsory vets would be required to provide surgery at no cost to the owner. spay neuter


2. My favorite card game is any card I can grab out of my mom’s hands and run away with!!! cat stealing

My favorite card game is Mille Bornes. Never heard of it? It’s a French card game I was introduced to by a boyfriend many years ago. I played it with his family and when I found a deck of the cards, shared it with my family. We try to play it whenever we have enough players! Want to know more? Here’s a link to a Wikipedia page.



3. With Summer unofficially here, I’m ready to spend my days in the sun!!! image

 And I’m ready to spend my days in the AC!!'I used to roll in the mud to cool down, but I don't need to now that I have an air-conditioner...'


4. A favorite Summer memory is  afternoons spent outside with mom and LadyBird. 

Spending time with my beloved grandparents, Mama and Daddy Bush. They had a wonderful garden that we would walk through in the heat of Alabama afternoons and finish with coffee (for the adults) and cake under the

FFBadge  Mom and I had fun answering these questions!! Until next time – later-gator!!!!

Love Toby

It’s been a year…

It’s been a year today since LadyBird left us. Mom still misses her so much. Seeing Shakespeare last week really brought home that there’s still a chihuahua-shaped hole in her heart waiting to be filled. You may be wondering “Well, why don’t you just go find a chi and adopt him or her?” Mom believes that God has and will continue to send her the animals He wants her to care for. This means surprises like PeggySue and MerryBelle just when mom wanted to ‘cull the herd’. When MerryBelle walked in the door of her own volition, followed a week or so later by PeggySue, mom accepted them because they came to her. It was their time, it was God’s time. Just like LadyBird – mom didn’t go to her aunt’s funeral expecting to bring home a 10-year-old chi. But God knew and it was LadyBird’s time, so home she came. So mom waits on God’s time. Waiting often hurts and sometimes she trys to hurry God along. But He won’t be hurried. His time is the perfect time. 


While we wait, please enjoy these photos of LadyBird. She was only with us for 14 months but it was amazing and wonderful, a time mom will always treasure. 



Happy Early Turkey Day

We’ll be visiting with our wonderful human cousin over the next few days and so we won’t be posting until next week. So to make sure you remember us, we’re scheduling some posts of last year’s Thanksgiving cards we sent to our family and friends. Enjoy them and we’ll see you next week with lots of new photos and news!!!