A Kitten Story

In honor of Mother’s Day, our momma is taking over the blog today to tell the story!

August 30, 2002 – I go out the front door in the morning to get the paper (I’m living with my mom at this time) and there, on the front porch, to my surprise,  is a mother cat with 5 kittens! Both mom and & I were off to work, so we left out food and water for the mother cat. That afternoon my sister & mom were able to get the mother cat and 4 babies inside. 4 solid black boys! They said they didn’t see any others. But I was sure there were 5! The next morning we gave the new kittens and mom a bath and flea treatment. (Our vet donated the flea treatment! Yay, vets!!)

bath time


That night after the young family had been put to bed I was upstairs when I heard a tiny meow – I ran outside – and there was the 5th kitten!!! He was hidden under the holly bush and had spent a night and a day outside alone. He was reluctant to come to me as I crouched on the ground talking to him; I couldn’t reach under the prickly holly bush. Mom went inside, got Ali and I held her next to me near the bush. The next time he cried out, Ali meowed and out he came from under the bush!! We got him inside, bedded him down with a well deserved meal and rest with his family . The next morning gave we him a bath and flea treatment. He was the only tuxedo (like his Momma). It was Frankie! As an aside, that time alone and bereft of family had a lifelong effect on Frankie; he still wanders through the house with that same  plaintive meow whenever he finds himself alone.frankie's bath


The kittens grew fast and Ali was a very good mother. The babies were still nursing when we found them (or did someone leave them on our door step? We will never know.) In order to tell the boys apart, they all got different colored collars.  My sister took two of the boys, Armand and Jade (burgundy and green collars). Mom kept the other three, plus Ali.playtime


Moose, Koal and Frankie settled in immediately.



We loved these boys! They’re all angels now, with the exception of Moose and Frankie.



Mom and I take the boys to the vet for their first check up. It went well, all healthy!vet time


My cat, Laura and mom’s other cat, Thursday, did not take well to the kittens.

laura and thursday


The kittens grew up healthy and happy but their mom was not to see it. October 10, 2002, mom found Ali on the bathroom floor in respiratory distress. We rushed her to the Emergency Vets but by the time we arrived there it was too late, she was already gone. We were shocked by the suddenness of her death – she was fine up until the moment she collapsed. The vet performed a brief necropsy – he said that her internal organs were all out of sorts, like she had been hit by a car or fallen or been hurt on purpose. Her diaphragm had been herniated and the heart sack was infiltrated by the other organs. He said he was surprised she had lived as long as she did.

Whatever happened to her happened before she came to live with us. What ever it was she was able to make sure her babies had a safe home and that they were weaned completely before letting go of them.


We want to honor all the cat and dog moms out there who care for and sacrifice their lives for the safety of their babies.

And we want to honor all human moms who sacrifice for the safety of their children – whether those children have two legs or four – You are a special and loved!! Thank you for your Love!!!

Mothers Day 5.8.2016

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Today is Free Comic Book Day – a day basically for comic book stores to sell more comic books after drawing customers in with a free one – but we couldn’t resist the cool badge so we made it a theme for today’s Caturday Art!!!

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Tomorrow we will have a special Mother’s Day post to honor Ali, the mom of our cousins Frankie and Moose. It is the story of how they came into my Granmama’s life and how Ali sacrificed for them.

Mothers Day 5.8.2016


We are purring and praying for  Melita who is feeling poorly. . .

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I had a very nice Happy Mom’s Day

As my title says, I had a very nice Happy Mom’s Day! Mom and me went to pick up Granmama and then we drove to North Carolina to see my Auntie and that horrid beast, Jack. Thankfully he ran off as soon as he saw me! Maybe he is scared of me! The weather was so nice we sat outside all afternoon on Auntie’s screened-in porch overlooking the canal. The humans had lunch (which they neglected to feed me, although I was able to talk G and Auntie out of a few morsels of deliciousness), then talked and talked and then we got to skype with my cousins, M&M in California! It was fun to see them. I have never seen them in person – they moved before I came to Virginia but I would love to meet them and lick their faces! I did have a lot of fun – I got to talk (bark) to the lady and man next door while they were fishing. But I talked to them so much mom put me in time out (that’s where I have to be on a leash right next to her). Anyway, FINALLY mom thought to feed me and then we drove home late in the evening. When I got home I slept really, really good. I hope your Mom’s Day was just as nice as mine and you got to spend it with your favorite humans! Barkingly yours, LadyBird

PS I want to thank all of you for your kind words about my Momma Blanche. I’m sure she read them and it warms her heart as much as it did mine!

Mom and me!

Mom and me!

Here I am skyping with M&M. See the lady in back fishing? I said hello to her a lot!! I am very familiar with the term 'time-out'. I wish Bella's mom hadn't taught it to my mom!

Here I am skyping with M&M. See the lady in back fishing? I said hello to her a lot!! I am very familiar with the term ‘time-out’. I wish Bella’s mom hadn’t taught it to my mom!

Here's Auntie showing off Uncle's crabpots to M&M. He has a lot of them. I hope he shares some of the crab with me!

Here’s Auntie showing off Uncle’s crabpots to M&M. He has a lot of them. I hope he shares some of the crab with me!

Here's me trying to tell mom how hungry I am. So glad she finally heard me!

Here’s me trying to tell mom how hungry I am. So glad she finally heard me!

And finally, here's the flowers M&M sent to mom. Aren't they beautiful?

And finally, here’s the flowers M&M sent to mom. Aren’t they beautiful?

dc icon  4_0001

Happy Mother’s Day Sunday Selfie

Today is Mother’s Day and I wanted to tell you about my first mom. Her name was Blanche and she was a wonderful and talented lady. She was married to my dad furever and is waiting for him in Heaven. She took really good care of me and loved me so much. I miss her a lot and I have a special Sunday Selfie for her. Momma Blanche, I love you and miss you and one day I will see you again. Love, Lady.

For Momma Blanche

For Momma Blanche

For my new mom, I have an entirely different selfie!  She LOVES coffee almost as much as she loves me – just kidding – BOL! – she loves me way more. But I want to wish her Happy Mother’s Day also. She is mom to 4 felines and me! And that’s about all she can handle. Licks and kisses, mom, I love you! LadyBird


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