What’s that on your butt, Toby?

Mom asked me, “What’s that on your butt, Toby?”1221a

I said, “Mom, leave me alone – I’m in heaven here making biscuits on your tummy.”

She said, snickering,  “Seriously–you have something on your butt.”1221b


“What! Really? How long has that postcard been taped to my butt?”

“At least 20 minutes or more.”

“You mean I’ve been walking around the house with a POSTCARD TAPED TO MY BUTT?”

“I’m sorry, but yes. It was just too funny to tell you! And besides, I wanted to get photos of you!



“You know, Mom, sometimes you can be so mean.”1221d


2016-secret-paws-badgeOn another note, I wanted let our Secret Paws giver know we received their gift! Yippee!! Mom won’t let me open it until Christmas morning so I don’t know who to thank yet – but you know who are – so thank you in advance!!!!

177Here it is behind our pink tree. In front is a present from my Lady Love, Penny. What? It’s not all mine? I have to share? Bummer. Anyway, I can’t wait till Christmas morning!!!!!

Love you all, Tobyclip-art-christmas-tree-outline-christmas-tree-clip-art-free-to-use-public-domain-christmas-tree-clip-art-page-3-pictures

Toby tries out a box

Hey folks, mom was unpacking Christmas ornaments the other day and she had some empty boxes. You know how I love boxes! 1215a


Let me see- I’ve got my front legs in – if I put my left back leg in and -no- maybe my right back leg -yes!-no-let me turn around – that’s it – I think – maybe if I …1215b


Mom, I can’t believe you gave me I box I can’t fit inside!!!! How could you!!!1215c


Sharing my world!!

I’m participating in Cee’s Photography blog’s Share Your World this Week!!

What is your favorite smell? What memory does it remind you of?

TUNA!!! It reminds me of good eating!!!! Mom says her fav smell is gardenias and magnolia blossoms. She says it reminds her of hot, humid and lazy summers.1214a


What type of pet do you have or want to have?

Why, a human, of course!!!! For some unknown reason mom wants another yappy little dog (no offense Angel LadyBird). She’s says she’s waiting on the Universe to bring her the one that’s supposed to be here. 1214b


Are you usually late, early, or right on time? 

I am always right on time for everything.  I have an excellent internal time clock. Mom on the other hand is perpetually late for everything.1214c


For recharging, would you rather meditate, swim, walk, listen to music, write, read, yoga, qigong other?

I meditate at least 18 hours a day. It keeps me calm and relaxed. Mom would rather sleep with the phone turned off.1214d

Well, that’s my world!! Thanks for reading!!! If you want to join in just hop on over to Cee’s Blog – click on the link below!!!

041514-sywbanner Cee’s Photography  Blog

What is this green thing, mom?

What’cha doing, mom? This pretty green thing looks like it smells good but it doesn’t.1208c

Now it’s on the floor – how come? BobbieSue, do you have any idea?1208a

There’s PeggySue through the green thing. What is this green thing anyway?1208b

It’s a what? A wreath? What for? Why? Never mind. I’m bored. I’m going to sleep.161

Forced on the floor

033 Mom’s working on some art project.

034 She booted me from her work table. I’m trying to be mad at her.

035 Oh well, I love her too much to be mad.

I’ll just sleep at her feet until I’m allowed on the table again!044

bubbling_hearts_500_wht_797 (Thanks, Nellie for the heart gif!)